Screendragon is process & project management software for high performance teams.


Manage all projects in the one place. Organize them into portfolios, Set-up charters, schedule timelines, assign tasks & collaborate in real-time.


Implement and align on ‘ways of working’. Define stage gate or agile processes. Use template workflows to speed operational throughput.


Implement and align on ‘ways of working’. Define stage gate or agile processes. Use template workflows to speed operational throughput.

Success Stories

We help companies of all sizes achieve performance improvement in their business operations.
Software and service is proven and trusted by many of the most respected global and local enterprises, and our 10+ years of experience has helped us develop the right software and ways of working to help all clients achieve success.

Making the complex simple

A communications planning and process system supporting innovative thinking and effective execution at today’s fastest growing global media agency.

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Integrate marketing programs

The connecting tissue for Kimberly Clark’s integrated marketing programs worldwide. Up to 4,000 internal and external resources collaborate in a single project management and planning system to deliver programs on-time and on-budget.

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Workflows to boost productivity

Replacing silo’d systems, disparate workflows, excel sheets and share drives with one integrated workflow system for all key marketing processes. Helping Kellogg be Grrreat!

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The Screendragon Difference

Projects & Process in Perfect Harmony

Structure, Standardize and Streamline Processes
visualization of process within projects simplifies team alignment and adoption. Everyone knows where they are in the process and what they need to do to progress the project.

Collaborate Throughout the Lifecycle

Screendragon sorts project data scattered across emails, shared drives etc.

It provides one single system that supports a complete work Lifecycle; from early ideation with virtual whiteboards, to project planning & initiation, project development workflows, resource management up to the delivery of project assets to partners and customers.

All achieved in a lean and integrated way.

Automate Work

Let Screendragon do the heavy lifting. 
Route files and data to the right people, at the right time for quick decision-making without having to organize more meetings.

Drag n' Drop operational data together to create performance reports in an instant. ‘Big data’ analysis on your project operations.

Manage Resources

Screendragon integrates project management with resource management to give you the most complete view of how resources are being utilized.

Operational Visibility

Screendragon provides real-time project and portfolio dashboard views making it incredibly easy to monitor status, identify positive or negative trends and spot “red flags” earlier.

Try Screendragon Now

Let us show you how Screendragon can be tailored to deliver on your needs with a 30 minute personalized demo or sign up for a 30 day, no strings attached, free trial and try it for yourself.

Latest Blogs

  • Adapt or Die: What Will a Future Agency Look Like? – Screendragon London Event Recap

    Agencies are taking a hammering lately. They're "too slow", "too expensive" and "not adaptable enough". The in-house agency revolution has further fueled the debate; many brands are asking why they should be paying for external agencies, when they can get the work done in-house seemingly faster, and for less money.   Serving both agency and in-house agency teams, we understand the challenges and triumphs of both. At our London Technology Week event last week "Adapt or Die – What Will a Future Agency Look Like?", we decided to bring both parties together to fight their respective corners – and of course, provide some valuable learnings along the way too.  

  • Screendragon & Maxus Partner to Launch Revolutionary Agency Platform

    Screendragon is delighted to announce its partnership with WPP and GroupM agency, Maxus Global, on the launch of Maxus OS – a revolutionary agency operations platform. 

  • Zero-based budgeting – What it is and how to streamline your operations to succeed at it

    Imagine you are on a diet. It’s a pretty unusual diet where you can eat anything you want. The only problem is that you have to speak with a gatekeeper who is standing at your kitchen door and justify why you should be allowed in to eat the food. Ok, maybe that’s a little creepy, but put the creepiness to one side for a moment and think about the effect that would have on your eating habits. Firstly, you’d make far less trips to the kitchen. The idea of having to stand at the kitchen doorway at ten o’clock at night to have a detailed conversation about why you need to eat the leftover pizza from the day before when you’ve already had dinner is a bit too much of an ordeal.  But secondly, you’d spend a lot more time thinking about your visits to the kitchen, so that when you do finally go in, you get more out of them. Gone would be the day when you would nip in for a quick snack to tide you over whilst you watch your favourite programme. Each kitchen visit would be carefully planned, not just to satisfy your cravings, but to deliver the calories and nutrients needed to last you through to the next mealtime.

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