About us

The Screendragon Story

Screendragon is a project and process management software provider that simplifies and speeds how work gets done.

Our mission - ‘Making the complex simple’

We set out on our mission in 2005 and have since grown to become a team of 40 dragons with ‘fire in our bellies’ operating out of Ireland, UK, Netherlands and USA.

A family culture

We have a unique ‘family’ culture, including, two husband and wife pairings an uncle and nephew, brothers and hopefully a puppy to add to the family in the near future! These close ties bond us and ensure we are committed to each other and to our clients.

Many of us have been together a long time and have developed rich experience and expertise in how to develop great products and also how to implement change inside organizations. We know from experience that software is only part of the solution and that’s why we provide top class implementation, training and support services to ensure customer success.

Our Journey to Enlightenment

‘First Moment of Truth’

Our first enterprise project began with P&G back in 2005. It’s there that we realized how complex getting work done is inside large organizations . How to connect people operating in silos, align multi-functional teams on ways of working, share best practices. P&G had a rich arsenal of software tools but they didn’t have a single tool that could simplify the workflow experience for non-technical users. Collaborating with a P&G design thinking team we looked at new ways to visualize workflow and collaboration so that it could be understood and adopted by everyone. Our current methodology is still influenced by these early learnings.

Design at the center of everything we do

We’ve grown up serving marketing and agency teams. And if there’s one group that demand beautiful, simple software – it’s them. They remain important to us as they keep pushing us to design elegant systems for themselves and their clients.

In the past we used Flash for our front-end UX because it gave us the freedom to create interfaces that would delight users. From the outset our product architecture has been very deliberate in separating front-end design from technical back-end. We wanted to give our designers the flexibility to craft the best UX possible without having to worry about the back-end.


With the advent of tablets and smartphones in the enterprise we re-designed our product for html5. A key principle for this move was that we would hold onto the same design simplicity we had defined in our Flash product. The success of the html5 product is testament to this achievement.

The 3 P’s

Screendragon’s product fulfills a big need in the market. That is, for a project and process management tool that is not as complex and costly as typical BPM software and not as light and silo’d in purpose as many collaboration or project management tools out there. We have very deliberately crafted a solution that provides the right breadth and depth to cover the majority of process or project management use cases most businesses would have. All within a simple to use UX. There are few, if any comparable tools that combine Project, Process and People Management in one easy to use application. We believe that this combination is truly catalytic, fueling operational peak performance and profitability.

Have a question? Email support@screendragon.com or call us on +353 (0) 21 436 8373