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10 ways Screendragon can transform your
Agency Operations

1One place to manage all agency projects

Screendragon integrates project, process and resource management into one solution to simplify agency operations and account coordination. Store everything related to a project in one place – assets, timelines, project briefs, approvals, resourcing info & more.

2Beautifully simple project management

Visual, clean and super simple.
Collaborating with some of the best design thinking teams in the world we’ve defined a special user experience that simplifies project execution for all. Our visual design, combining process flows with project management tools allows everyone to better understand where they are in process and what they need to do.


3Standardize & streamline processes

Implement your agency ways of working and help existing and new resources know what process to use with which sort of project and client. Using our process builder you can visualize the process steps making it easy for even the most chaotic creatives to align on process.

4Speedy execution in an era of continuous communications development

Set-up and reapply project templates based on project types, brands, clients, offices or other characteristics.
Templates save teams time by automatically prepopulating new projects with standard timelines, tasks, workflows, teams and folders enabling fast project set-up and execution.


5Digitize and automate agency workflows

Digitize agency job jacket forms, project briefs and approval forms in Screendragon. Using the workflow builder you can easily set the workflow path and rules. With integrated online proofing and commenting features, all stakeholder feedback and approvals can be captured together.


6Manage resources by roles & projects

A centralized resource management capability provides insights on how agency resources are being utilized. Easily identify where supply and demand pain points are. Easily assign resources to projects and use resource workflows to enable tentative resource bookings.


7Realtime project visibility & reporting

What stage are they at? 
Are we meeting deadlines? No more running around desks and copying & pasting data into status excels. Screendragon provides realtime project management dashboards and KPI reports aggregating data from all projects. Better still project managers can update project data quickly with one click.

8Productivity boosting collaboration tools

You need different tools at different times in a project lifecycle to execute effectively. Using Screendragon you don’t need to hop between tools. Everything is integrated so work can flow better. Kick-off a project with a virtual whiteboard, collaborate on a document, mark-up graphical assets and capture feedback with online forms. You can do everything in Screendragon - in the one place.

9Governance and permissions made for agencies

Your agency works on different projects for different clients with different teams inside and outside. You need to be sure that only certain groups have visibility on certain things. Screendragon has been purpose built for the sophistication needed by agencies. We are able to put in place secure Chinese walls between clients, brands, projects, files…

10Communications & best practice libraries

Share and showcase finalized work in visually rich digital asset libraries. Upload and organize large files in flexible taxonomies. Set-up permissions easily so you can share assets with client partners. Capture best practice content in the library so ideas and IP can be centralized and made searchable.
Marketing Use Cases
  • Integrated Marketing Planning & Program Execution
  • In-house Agency Project Management
  • Advertising Approval Workflows
  • Packaging & Design Workflows
  • Consumer Affairs Information Management & Workflows
Agency Use Cases
  • Agency-wide Project & Resource Management
  • Global Brand Team Portals
  • Media Agency Communications Planning & Process
  • Digital & Social Media Workflows
  • Agency New Business Portals
Project Management Use Cases
  • Centralized Project & Portfolio Management
  • New Product Development & Innovation

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