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Screendragon delivers results in organizations of all types and sizes. Our design, product modularity and pricing allows customers to solve for their needs. Learn more about our work with industry leaders and how we’re helping smaller companies be efficient and effective and grow to challenge the leaders.

  • Integrated Marketing Planning & Program Management

    A fully integrated marketing planning system aligning all marketing partners on process, planning and communications development. Driving Lean Marketing process. Replaces redundant systems, conflicting processes and inefficient work behaviors.

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  • Communications planning & workflow

    A solution to make the complex simple. This visually rich workflow application guides planners through the planning process stimulating them with insights throughout and helping them produce impactful customer plans. A key driver behind Maxus’ growth and business success.

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  • Global Marketing Portal

    A single platform for capability development and Global Marketing Excellence across Kellogg. This engaging and inspiring environment creates new possiblities for the Kellogg community to develop talents, share knowledge and inspire great work across brands and territories.

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  • BP Messagebank Portal

    Unifying global messaging communications into one system in order to make it as easy as possible to create, share, search for and download the most current, legally approved communications materials. Net result - more consistency, less risks to the business.

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  • K-Path Kellogg Marketing Production Workflows

    A single system uniting disparate functional workflows in one integrated holistic solution. Screendragon software helps link and align activities across teams helping to produce more integrated work, more efficiently, at less cost. Screendragon helps Kellogg ‘go to market’ effectively.

  • Agency Campaign Management

    Client campaign management and collaboration portals. Manage projects, approval workflows, creative reviews and digital asset management – all in the one system.

  • Communications Approval Process

    Transforming Kellogg’s process to become more agile, smart and efficient. Each month thousands of assets are routed intelligently to the right stakeholders at the right time for input and approval. Reducing cycle times, meetings, unnecessary emails. A productivity and compliance booster.

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  • Agency Operations Management

    A cloud based solution to support project management activities on client accounts. Screendragon’s portfolio and project management is helping Lowe create new visibility into WIP and better insights into agency resourcing.

  • Consumer Affairs Workflow

    Clorox Consumer Communications Hub (CCH) is a solution that helps the consumer affairs function manage the information challenges of the digital age. It supports the capture, approval and delivery of consumer relevant product information so that those engaging with consumers have the latest validated information at their fingertips.

  • Campaign Asset Management

    A fast, secure and easy system to share large advertising assets accessible from the Cloud on desktop, smartphones and iPads. Helping Chase streamline communications development among teams.

  • Global Brand Team Collaboration Portal

    An inspiring online destination bringing together global brand teams to share and showcase great work happening across markets. Teams benefit from instant access to all the latest insights and knowledge to help build their brands and a community of expertise readily available to help.

  • Sales Portal

    Transforming a SharePoint portal to better satisfy the needs of K-C sales teams in North America. A new intuitive design removes complexities of accessing sales content. Personalized dashboards and content subscriptions serve up the right content, at the right time for the sales team to action.

  • Brand Management Portal

    A brand asset management tool for the Downy Lenor global franchise. Easier organization and sharing of equity and learnings with regional and local teams. Supporting the re-use and reapplication of ideas and assets across markets. One brand - One team. Better connecting the global team with the brand knowledge that exists across the organization. Showcasing great work so everyone can benefit and build the brand.

  • Agency Campaign Management

    One system to help agency and client resources plan, produce, track and deploy communications campaigns across markets.

  • Brand Excellence Portal

    A digital brand playbook for knowledge, processes and insights supporting the 'Marketing the Castrol Way' program. Align and engage the team on all the brand building resources available.

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  • Marketing Program Management

    Streamlining the management of digital projects at Santander by providing real-time visiblity into projects, digital approval workflows and audit trails & reporting.

  • Pop Center - Brand Portal

    One place for all brand assets organized smartly and securely for different stakeholders. Has replaced a scatter of global, regional and local share drives, ftp sites and emails with a more secure, easier to access single global platform. Is providing better, faster service to local markets and partners such as agencies and local retailers.

  • BP Storybank Workflow

    A collaborative workflow system supporting corporate advertising development. Capture inspiring stories, categorize them, route them for review and development into proof points to support the development of impactful advertising.

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  • Marketing Operations Management

    One unified system to support the full marketing development lifecycle from ideation through to asset storage and delivery to front-line sales teams. Creating One Go to Market team.

  • Product Data Workflow

    Pringles produces hundreds of different product flavor variants all over the world. How do you ensure that the global team has visibility on this data so flavor success stories can be reapplied elsewhere? Screendragon’s workflow capability ensures that flavor data is captured and communicated in a visually rich, easy to search Flavorbank.

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