Global Marketing Portal

Global Marketing Portal
Screendragon is a nimble partner on the cutting edge of digital enablement. They understand marketing and creative professionals, immersing themselves as a user first, then they engage their elite technical team to deliver an unquestionable quality product. Screendragon consistently delivers a quality user experience which our users understand and appreciate, while achieving our technical requirements- Paul Iagnocco, Senior Director Digital Marketing Enablement & Operations, Kellogg Company


  • A companywide focus on global growth and expansion of brands across markets
  • Integration of recently acquired brands (Pringles) and an exchange of best practices
  • Accelerate success models across the globe by prioritizing what works well and how it can be applied to other markets
  • Adoption of collaboration tools by marketing users – encouraging employees to participate in the discussion.
  • Create an open but secure environment which can unify internal and external stakeholders in ideation and how to grow the business.
  • Aid communication to global teams across more than 100 markets.


Kellogg use Screendragon as a digital collaboration and knowledge platform for their global marketing community and key communications partners. It is designed and configured for the marketing mindset and behaviors in that it is visual, multimedia rich, non-technical and has personalized dashboards showing the relevant marketing data and insights for each user.

Separate SharePoint sites, scattered across teams have been replaced by a single centralized source of knowledge and inspiration. Collaborative communities promote the exchange of ideas within and across functions which stimulates the growth of new ideas. It is a fast, intuitive system where managing content and publishing workflow controls are super and are backed up by a search that includes both keyword and full document search as well as faceted search with meta tag filtering.


  • A solution that engaged Kellogg marketing users allowing fast adoption and usage.
  • Better visibility and re-application of work that exists within the organization - lowering time and costs.
  • Acceleration in the deployment of global equity to regions and markets meaning insights and knowledge travel faster.
  • The ‘K-way Marketing Academy’ digitized and centralized for all.
  • Mobility - ability to access the portal anywhere at any time using a multitude of on-the-go devices
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