Integrated Marketing Planning & Program Management

Brand Excellence Platform
When you drive lean processes in marketing in particular, you drive out a ton of waste and free people to do the things they should be doing.- Tony Palmer, President of global brands and innovation Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Adage 07 November 2011)



  • A new Integrated Marketing Planning process implemented across K-C business and partner agencies. K-C needed to adopt new ways of working and a solution to align everyone to the same process.
  • Too many different collaboration tools inside K-C and partner agencies requiring different passwords and different training which slowed work productivity.
  • Visibility and Accountability - desire to implement a more open, collaborative partnership with and between agency partners to drive brand growth.
  • Corporate mission to drive leaner, more agile work practices and create an opportunity to cut out waste.
  • Centralize exchange and ownership of assets reducing the risk of IP loss.



Screendragon was deployed as the single marketing planning, process management and collaboration solution for all brand teams and agency partners totalling over 3000 users. Simple, fast and visually appealing workflows were defined and built for the skills and work behaviours of the marketing and creative professionals.

Screendragon’s portfolio dashboards were configured to provide insights into program scheduling across brands and categories and allow for real-time collaborative planning - ending excel versioning confusion. Projects are initiated using templates that employ Screendragon’s visual stage gate process with assets and tasks mapped to each stage. K-C employees and partners use virtual brand rooms to collaborate in real-time before, during and after agency meetings.

Behind the scenes, the solutions is a fully scalable, cloud-based, application integrated with K-C enterprise authentication systems capable of handling increasing user numbers as it is rolled out to more regions.


  • Adoption and alignment of new marketing process by all stakeholders
  • Removal of duplicate technology systems and data costs.
  • Team members used to have to work in multiple systems with multiple passwords hampering speed of work. Today there is just one place to go.
  • More open, transparent collaboration, producing better work which is delivered to market more efficiently.
  • Automation of menial project management processes - saving on headcount and improving efficiency of existing resources.
  • Risk management processes greatly improved by integrating legal compliance checks into the development process.
  • ROI was achieved within 4 months through rapid adoption and usage.
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