Communications planning & workflow

Communications planning & workflow
Every client pitch has Genius at its heart. We measured success by company uptake and our expectations were exceeded tenfold. Screendragon smashed all of our targets and we cannot wait to see what they create next.- Nick Vale, Global Head of Planning, Maxus



  • Velocity of change in a growing and increasingly competitive market.
  • An increasingly fragmented ‘world of business’.
  • How to deal with the rapid growth of the last three years – resulting in 2000 staff in 40 offices and creating processes to support the on-boarding, training and aligning of new staff on ways of working.
  • Simplify & Speed planning processes so more time can be focussed on delivering consistently great work with a local flavour.
  • Ensuring adoption among creative users by providing them with a tool which they actually want to use.



  • A communications planning solution that breaks the mould of process management systems.
  • Incredibly visual, multimedia rich with inspiring storytelling of best practice interlaced throughout the process
  • Balances process rigor and creative freedom to connect with the needs of creatively oriented users.
  • A technology solution that is a channel to teach and spread best practice globally and consistently.
  • Global processes which act as a guide to creating great work and enable local teams to run local market campaigns.
  • A flexible stage gate workflow that allows teams to decide what stages to utilise for their campaign needs.
  • Document storage and collaboration that allows teams to store and share ideas centrally.
  • Sophisticated search capabilities with filters for clients, campaigns, media and more.
  • The Genius system to automate the creation of customer PowerPoint decks complete with branding and date-stamp throughout the process.
  • A truly LEAN solution: As employees progress through the creative process they are only presented with the information they need, when they need it; they are not lost in a sea of information available.


  • Within one month of launch, Maxus achieved 60% employee uptake and had over 50 live client projects within Screendragon’s ‘Genius’ solution.
  • Efficiency - Greatly reduced planning time.
  • Competitive advantage - Genius application is used in every pitch since its launch and has played a role in helping Maxus win some major new business.
  • Effective training solution - The global planning director is unable to reach all markets on a regular basis; the Genius application is his vehicle to educate all market teams on planning best practices.
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