Screendragon for...

Marketing Teams

10 ways Screendragon can transform your
Marketing Operations

1 Empower an agile marketing organization

The era of continuous communications demands new work practices and processes. Screendragon helps organizations structure and streamline their marketing processes so projects run efficiently and mistakes are minimized.

2 One place to manage
marketing programs and resources

Connect all your internal and external partners in one system accessible from all locations. You’ll find that everyone works faster when they are not jumping between ftp sites, email, share drives etc. Screendragon provides one environment to store everything related to projects – assets, timelines, forms, resources, discussions & more. No more silos!

3 Beautifully simple Project Management

Clean, simple and very visual. We’ve designed project and process management to be easy to adopt by marketing teams. Our visual design, combining process flows with project management tools allows everyone to better understand where they are in process and what they need to do. Discover how work can flow better in Screendragon.

4 End to End Workflows

Screendragon supports the full lifecycle of work activities within marketing teams. From innovative ideation right through to the delivery of final assets to partners. Using project templates with built-in workflow automation, teams are able to work faster & more consistently.

5 Visibility on all the moving parts

Notes on the back of an envelope & excel sheets can’t keep up with the pace of change. You need a dynamic portfolio dashboard that pulls in data from all your projects and allows you to sort and search to give you the data you need fast.

6 Manage resources by roles & projects.

Who is working on what? Do we have capacity in 'x' to take on two new initiatives. Screendragon helps you answer these questions. A centralized resource management capability provides oversight on resource utilization, where the availability and constraints are within the organization.

7 Better manage brand risk and compliance

Screendragon can put governance and controls into your communications process without slowing you down. Define workflows that will automatically route certain data or content to the right people, at the right time for digital sign-off. Capture all comments and interaction centrally so everything is tracked and audited.

8 Advertising and best practice libraries

Share and showcase finalized work in visually rich digital asset libraries.
Upload and organize large files in flexible taxonomies. Set-up permissions easily so you can share assets with partners such as retailers, agencies and media. Capture best practice content in knowledge libraries so ideas and intellectual property can be shared and re-applied.

9 Run more effective meetings

Ever taken a picture of a whiteboard to send to others not in the room? Not ideal for effective team ideation. In Screendragon you can create virtual whiteboards where everyone can work off the same board no matter where they are located – in real-time too! It’s fun, very productive and inclusive.

10 ‘Just in time’ Marketing

Marketing department inboxes are overloaded – resources need to be kept informed but not copied on everything. Screendragon has built-in smart notification intelligence. Notification rules can be set-up so that the right people are informed at the right time based on events and actions.

Marketing Use Cases
  • Integrated Marketing Planning & Program Execution
  • In-house Agency Project Management
  • Advertising Approval Workflows
  • Packaging & Design Workflows
  • Consumer Affairs Information Management & Workflows
Agency Use Cases
  • Agency-wide Project & Resource Management
  • Global Brand Team Portals
  • Media Agency Communications Planning & Process
  • Digital & Social Media Workflows
  • Agency New Business Portals
Project Management Use Cases
  • Centralized Project & Portfolio Management
  • New Product Development & Innovation

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