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Project Management (PMO)

10 ways Screendragon can transform how you
Manage Projects

1Simple project management for the entire team

Screendragon is not just for the black belts within the organization, it has been designed so that the whole team can contribute, collaborate and share. Our visual design, combining process flows with project management tools allows everyone on the team to better understand where they are in process and what they need to do.

2Break down silos – Get everyone on the same page

We’ve all been there. Am I looking at the most up to date MS Project? Am I updating the right version of the spreadsheet? We have solved this problem by integrating project, process and resource management capabilities into one centralized system. Net result - Less confusion, less re-work, less systems to use.

3Structure & standardize work processes

Define and design your own processes in screendragon. Using our visual tools you’ll have your process steps and rules set-up in hours with no programming required. And when you’ve crafted the perfect project, save it as a template so others can re-use your great work.

4Manage resources by roles & projects.

Screendragon fully integrates project management and resource management so you can plan and execute projects in the one system. Capacity plan across teams and projects, see where the supply and demand is. Book resources and make tentative resource bookings for pipeline projects so you’re better able to assess future needs.

5 Visibility across operations

Screendragon portfolio views provide real-time insights into operational performance across all projects. Project managers can apply different views, filters and sorting options to get to the facts and identify issues faster

User defined custom reports can be created pulling data across projects and workflows. ‘Big Data’ analysis for your operations.

6 Collaboration tools to improve project execution

Unlike ‘point solutions’ Screendragon provides you with a centralized collection of capabilities so that you have the right tool at the right time to execute effectively.

You might start with a virtual whiteboard or discussion to get ideas flowing, which leads to collaboration on a project plan and annotation of graphical assets, and later a survey of project performance.

7 Project request & initiation forms

Do you truly know how much work is being requested or performed if work requests are managed via email or worse still via water cooler requests. Using Screendragon’s form builder you can easily create your own project forms with the data fields and attributes you require to log requests. Better still use forms to send change requests or risk reporting forms on workflows for approval and action.

8 Timelines and task management

Some planning tools are too heavy, others too light. Screendragon allows you to plan and track projects in different ways to suit the project at hand. For a large project, create a work breakdown structure (WBS) with milestones, tasks and dependencies. Assign tasks to resources and track completion with tasks discussions and status notification updates. Or for smaller projects just manage your To Do’s in a checklist.

9 Smart workflows

Screendragon enables you to up your operational gears. Using our workflow visual builder you can create sophisticated workflows that get processes adapted faster,streamline the way you work and eliminate inefficiencies.

Our workflows have changed how some major corporations work, eliminating meetings, reducing resource involvement and protecting brand reputation and risk. Learn more about the power of our workflows in Customer Success Stories.

10 Be more compliant and secure

Excels and Emails aren’t good enough. Screendragon provides you with all the tracking, histories and version control to satisfy the auditors.

Forms, files, conversations, approval workflows – everything is logged, version controlled and time and date stamped. All happening within a super secure environment.

Marketing Use Cases
  • Integrated Marketing Planning & Program Execution
  • In-house Agency Project Management
  • Advertising Approval Workflows
  • Packaging & Design Workflows
  • Consumer Affairs Information Management & Workflows
Agency Use Cases
  • Agency-wide Project & Resource Management
  • Global Brand Team Portals
  • Media Agency Communications Planning & Process
  • Digital & Social Media Workflows
  • Agency New Business Portals
Project Management Use Cases
  • Centralized Project & Portfolio Management
  • New Product Development & Innovation

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