Why choose Screendragon?


Project and Process Management for Everyone.

Screendragon’s clean, intuitive interface makes it easy for all types of users to collaborate on projects together. The unique visual design of process and project gets everyone on the same page knowing what needs to be done to accomplish goals.

Everything in One Place

Screendragon eliminates silos. By combining project, process, resource and asset management capabilities into one solution. Screendragon ensures resources now have one interface to plan, track and execute work activities.


Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail.

Defining your project processes in Screendragon helps you organize for success. Structure and standardize on ways of working - create stage gate or agile processes

Build workflow automation into processes to speed project set-up and execution.


Initiate Projects

Make it easy for teams to set-up projects. Create project template types to select from and guide them through the start-up process with user-friendly project forms and approval workflows.


Plan Timelines and Resources

Few other tools enable you to plan work activities and schedule resources like Screendragon. Review resource availability and book resources to the project.

Create project task timelines and assign to individuals or groups. Look at your timelines and resource assignments in different ways to gain full oversight.

Collaboration Tools for Project Execution

You have task management tools (Asana), project and resource planning tools (Smartsheet) and document management tools (SharePoint). Imagine if you could have all these integrated within one easy to use interface. This is what Screendragon gives you – and more.


Screendragon has transformed the process of creating workflows from slow and complex to build and apply, to simple and speedy to implement and update. A visual workflow builder enables admin users to build simple or sophisticated workflows for others to leverage and re-apply in their projects. Discover how you can transform approval and review processes.


Project portfolio dashboards aggregate project data, providing real-time views on project performance. Multiple views allow you to check progress by stage gates, task progression, calendar timeline and other key performance data.


Store & Share in Digital Libraries

Share and showcase the great work coming out of projects in a beautiful user-friendly library. Screendragon’s digital asset management module is super simple to use and fully integrated with your projects allowing finalized project work to flow into the library without any extra effort.


Project Evaluation & Operational Reporting

Save time pulling data together in excel. Let screendragon do the hard work. Use the report builder to drag n drop the data fields and rules you want to apply and then watch as your report is generated with the click of a button.

A Powerful and Intelligent User Experience

Your dashboard provides a consolidated view personalized for you and your role where all the files and action that are most important to you are at your fingertips

If you can’t find it on your dashboard the search feature includes powerful filters to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Easy to Administrate

Business operations need to be agile to adapt to change. Screendragon provides powerful tools to let clients update their system using a simple graphical admin interface. No programming skills required.

Open for Integration

Screendragon is built in an open way to allow it to interact with others.

While screendragon provides a lot of capabilities we understand that our software can become even more effective when it works in tandem with others. Our experienced professional services team would be delighted to talk to you about how we’ve helped others create synergy between their enterprise systems.

Try Screendragon Now

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