Who is Screendragon?

Cory Hogan

Chief Executive Officer

P. Cory Hogan is a dynamic SaaS executive known for establishing a vision and driving significant revenue growth across bootstrapped, private equity, venture capital, and public-backed enterprises. Successfully exited 3 times: InMoment to MDP in 2019 (PE), Qualtrics to SAP in 2018 (VC/Public), and Upscale to AE in 2007 (bootstrapped).

As Chief Revenue Officer at Lob, a Y-Combinator (S13) Continuity firm, Cory grew annual recurring revenue from $55M to $130M with total revenue over $300M, while shifting to positive EBITDA.

Before Lob, Hogan was North American Vice President at InMoment, where the company grew from $50M to $225M in revenue while orchestrating a strategic sale to private equity firm MDP. He also completed four international acquisitions.

Earlier in his career, Hogan served as Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Qualtrics, backed by Sequoia, Insight, and Accel, leading to an $8B exit to SAP, days before a highly anticipated IPO. His foundation in go-to-market leadership was solidified through seven years in various Sales and Leadership roles at Oracle and as an M&A intermediary at Alpine. Before Oracle, he started and sold Upscale to Advanzt Enterprises following 7 years of triple-digit CAGR.

Hogan holds a Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) from Harvard University, where he was recognized on the Dean's List for Top Academic Achievement. He resides outside of Boston, MA.

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