Why Storytelling is the New Form of Collaboration

Collaborative storytelling

Creativity takes pride of place in the hearts and minds of marketing and advertising professionals. It is what sets you apart from your competitors, it is what drives your business forward, whether that be attracting new clients or gaining new sales. However, creativity isn’t something that is easily achieved. Having an enthusiastic team of talented individuals is of course a good start. But, how do you bring these individuals together to really drive creativity and help produce results? 

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Take the pain out of timesheets


Timesheets are the bane of every employee’s life. It’s that nasty task that is typically left until the end of the day or worse yet, the end of the week. More often than not, employees are forced with having to use clunky systems that are not user-friendly to complete their timesheets. What should be a two minute simple exercise turns into an arduous process. A process that nobody really wants to participate in, particularly the employees themselves.

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