Screendragon named leader in b.telligent MRM overview

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Screendragon have been named a leader in the Marketing Resource Management (MRM) overview by b.telligent – a technology-independent consultancy specializing in analytics and data management.

The Munich based consultancy surveyed clients relating to MRM challenges and reviewed 22 vendors in the MRM space for their 2023 market review. To help select vendors, b.telligent evaluated performance by potential participants on Gartner, Forrester, and other market reports. The survey and review focused on six core product areas: Modularity, Planning, Digital Asset Management, Data Management, Workflow Management, and Reporting.

The main MRM challenges outlined by b.telligent clients related to:

  • No overview of campaign status or tasks
  • Manual, error-prone workflows
  • Separate data storage in silos
  • Time-consuming search and administration
  • Inflexible workflow processes
  • No overview of budget planning

We’re happy to affirm that Screendragon is the perfect solution to the MRM pain points experienced above! Meanwhile, here is a summary of b.telligent’s MRM overview:


b.telligent’s modularity evaluation focused on whether the solution was developed in-house, readiness of out-of-the box modules, multi-client operation, and flexibility to adapt to individual requirements.

Screendragon’s configurability and comprehensive feature set scored highly in the marketing resource management modularity evaluation. This included acclaim for Project Management, Resource Management, Budget Management, and Digital Asset Library modules. b.telligent concluded; “The solution offers multi-client capability allowing agencies to manage several different clients. Also, Screendragon can be configured very flexibly. This is done through the creation of individual fields, workflows, and metadata information.”


The planning evaluation for MRM covered campaign management, budgeting, and resource planning. Screendragon has powerful planning capabilities including a real time resource calendar, drag ‘n’ drop scheduling, talent profiles, utilization tracking, and capacity planning.

b.telligent’s market overview highlighted Screendragon’s capabilities in the following: “Forms and templates can be created, and their fields individually configured. A marketing calendar is a standard feature. Furthermore, project, budget, and resource planning (e.g., capacity view) are all available”.

Digital Asset Management

When analysing DAM capabilities, b.telligent’s marketing resource management overview focused on import, tagging, search, historicization and export functions as well as asset-related rights control. Although Screendragon is not a native DAM vendor, it can provide multiple digital asset management features that are important for marketing teams.

Leveraging workflow automation, approved content can be automatically published to a Screendragon digital asset library. Additionally, the metadata associated with the asset can also be auto populated into the library. This is what b.telligent said about Screendragon’s DAM capabilities “In brief, Screendragon’s standard features include an integrated DAM (via a digital asset library) with a marketing playbook, metadata maintenance and import options via API.”

Data Management

The data management for evaluation for MRM vendors considered a solution’s capability in terms of data loading, connectors, export options, metadata, and security. Screendragon’s hosting environment and service levels are enterprise-class and perfect. Intelligent permission controls ensure that people only receive or view data that is meant to be seen by that individual or group.

Furthermore, you can also integrate with 1000’s of apps including Office365, Google Drive, SAP, PeopleSoft, MS Dynamics and more. “For example, data connections can be realized via API, csv, custom ingest and through standard integrations via the zapier integration platform. Also, ERP systems (e.g., SAP) and external DAM systems can be connected. Data exports via xls, pdf and sFTP are possible. On top of that, a form builder allows effective management of metadata.”

Workflow Management

The areas of workflow management that b.telligent’s evaluation focused on were functional scope, collaboration functions, hierarchies, templates, automation, and customization. Screendragon is a workflow software platform that combines powerful functionality with friendly UI. In short, it is one of the most configurable platforms on the market. As a result, this enables customization of UX, forms, workflows, dashboards, and reports.

b.telligent summarised Screendragon’s workflow as “Complex workflows can be flexibly configured with the help of a powerful workflow builder. A Gantt chart of all activities including interdependencies is available (project portfolio overview). Accordingly, the messaging functionality can be used at all process levels.”

Reporting & Analytics

The reporting and analytics section analysed the ability to monitor and alert through reports, dashboards, and notifications. On top of that, flexibility of reporting and analytics were also important during evaluation. Screendragon makes reporting and analytics a breeze as it automatically prepares key data for you.

You can create your own personalized portfolio views with key KPI project data and schedule reports to be emailed to key stakeholders at specific dates and times. B.telligent concluded “Reports can be freely configured with a report builder. Also, individual fields can be integrated into reports. Alerting functions are available.”

Would you like to learn more about Screendragon’s MRM software? If so, you can schedule a short demo with us here!

Courage, Originality, and Diversity – Our Unstuck Highlights for November

November on Unstuck concluded with a neurodiversity expert which was a fitting end to an incredibly diverse range of guests and topics this month. We had e-commerce experts, start-up success, a punk rock legend, a tasty home cooking adventure, and a special leader that has broken down barriers to achieve her position.

On episode 31 and 33, we heard about thriving start-up ventures. Interestingly, they followed very different paths to success. Chris and Oskar were established leaders in the e-commerce space before they decided to go their own way. David Rabie took a different route. He developed his company using knowledge collected in the classroom in addition to experiences in the field. These great episodes were sandwiched in between two wonderful minds on episode 32 and 34. Jon and Samantha have led very different lives but are not afraid to be true to oneself. Here are the main themes and topics we discussed on Unstuck in November!

EP31 – First Mover Advantage

Chris Perry and Oskar Kaszubski (Co-Founders at firstmovr)

Chris and Oskar are the founders of firstmovr, an e-commerce ‘satellite of excellence’. Moving quickly and not getting stuck are the fundamental principles of this duo’s consultancy plug in. Like any fast movers, Chris and Oskar are ‘pioneers, troublemakers, and disruptors’. Through their hands on advisory practice they’re forcing companies to confront reality in the e-commerce space. People understand that digital commerce is here to stay, but according to Chris “Companies struggle to find the purpose and see the change that is on the horizon, ”this can have a negative impact on all forms of marketing “CPGs are often built in a siloed way. It’s then difficult to tell an end-to-end story holistically.”

firstmovr work with more than sixty CPG companies to help them understand e-commerce better and stay on top of trends. Through close collaboration with clients, they are building playbooks that are current but agile. Understanding how offline experiences influence online sales is one of the first lessons. Oskar sums up how this misunderstanding can deliver false insights “price architecture may indicate e-commerce is failing, but what about other interactions?” Chris and Oskar have ‘8 levers for change’ that they use to get buy in from leadership and deliver results. Find out what these levers are and get your firm e-commerce ready by listening to Chris and Oskar below!

Unstuck - Social - Quote - EP33 - Chris & Oscar

EP 32 – Awareness of Sounds

Jon Langford (Artist, Designer, Musician at The Mekons, The Three Johns and more)

Our second guest in November was a shining symbol of the Unstuck philosophy. Most people will know Jon Langford through his iconic punk band, The Mekons. Formed in the 1970s, the iconic British rockers are one of the longest running punk rock groups. Not bad for a group of musicians that apparently ‘couldn’t play their instruments’ in the early days.

The Mekons are in their sixth decade of gigging and Jon attributes their endurance to originality. He explains how record labels and the music press gave them a hard time, but they never changed who they were. As Jon says, “The best times were when the band were fully in charge of what they were doing”. The rock icon firmly believes that the band would not have lasted so long if their first record was a success. Setbacks merely inspired them to keep going and they always stayed true to the Mekons brand.

In addition to an outstanding music career, Jon has forged more creative paths. The second half of Jon’s career has touched other forms of art such as painting, graphic design, and fashion. Jon believes that art and music are closely aligned when it comes to original thinking, “People are afraid to declare something as good until a superior validates it.”. He has incorporated guerrilla marketing tactics to help promote his art career. In the marketing world, his approach would likely fall under ‘direct marketing’ tactics. Hear more about Jon’s approach to marketing and get a view into a rocker’s world in this melodic episode!

Unstuck EP34 - Social - Quote - Jon Langford

EP 33 – QR Cooking

David Rabie (Co-Founder & CEO at Tovala)

We were introduced to a mouth-watering growth story on episode 33 of Unstuck. Dave Rabie took a winding road to get to where is today. He taught English in China, managed a frozen yoghurt chain, and worked in a PR firm. While Dave wasn’t always sure where he was heading, he was always aware of his two passions – business and food. At Booth Business School in Chicago he realised he could have a career that combined both.

Technology wasn’t Dave’s strong point but he developed those skills while developing an app during his studies. This was the final piece of the puzzle for Dave’s business idea. Like many people that work outside the home, he was struggling to find time to cook a decent meal in the evening. He realised he could tackle this problem with his experience in the food industry, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his new found tech skills. At this point, we’re introduced to his impressive food delivery and home cooking solution, Tovala!

Tovala delivers fresh ingredients to your home but also cooks the ingredients for you! Using the Tovala smart oven (a prerequisite for the food delivery service) and a QR code you can prepare a home cooked meal with no effort. Due to the sophisticated nature of the product, it was difficult for Tovala to find market fit. However, once the food service realized their positioning the sales numbers exploded. At one point in 2019, the company was growing 10% – 20% every week! Tovala now employs more than 130 people and Dave has needed to become a leader in addition to an entrepreneur. Tune in below to hear how Dave and Tovala combined software, hardware, and knowledge in this appetizing adventure!

Unstuck EP35 - Social - Quote - David Rabie

EP 34 – Divergent Thinking

Samantha Kolkey, LCSW (Executive Director at Options for College Success)

Samantha Kolkey is a leader that doesn’t fit your typical manager profile. She overcame the odds to combine an Executive position and a neurodiverse disposition. It was an agonising path for Samantha to get to where she is today. At school, she found learning and homework very difficult. Everything seemed more challenging and enduring than it should have been. Samantha also experienced difficulty interacting socially and being herself in social circles. Naturally, this resulted in stress and anxiety for the teenage Samantha. This meant that her schooldays were a long arduous slog. Her parents brought her to various consultants and medical experts to see if they could help. Different doctors delivered varying conclusions – anxiety, depression, bipolar. None of these diagnoses resonated with Samantha. As a result, no relief was found.

Things improved once Samantha left school and attended college. She felt like she “came in with a blank slate” and that people were “more accepting”. It wasn’t long before she fell into destructive practices again. Samantha reverted to people pleasing and masking her unique personality traits. It wasn’t until grad school that she received a diagnosis for ADHD and finally “things made sense”. The diagnosis was liberating and enabled Samantha to be herself and learn more about neurodiversity. As she says “the neurodiversity model focuses on there not being a right way of thinking. Everyone is wired differently.”

Samantha is now leading an entirely neurodiverse team at Options for College Success. As a neurodivergent leader, it can take extra effort. She is passionate about creating a safe space for her colleagues though. Samantha is investing in talent and removing stigma around neurodivergence. Find our more about neurodiversity and Samantha’s inspiring journey below!

Unstuck EP36 - Social - Quote - Samantha Kolkey

Greetings, Hallmark!

Screendragon are proud to add Hallmark to our list of world famous brands using Screendragon’s creative operations management solution. The much loved card company was founded in 1910 and is the largest manufacturer of greetings cards in the United States. Today, Hallmark generates more than 19,000 new and redesigned greeting cards and related products per year.

The Hallmark creative team will use Screendragon’s transformational software to streamline creative operations and supercharge marketing processes. Greetings, Hallmark – it’s great to have you onboard!