Wolff Olins to supercharge agency operations with Screendragon!

Wolff Olins is a renowned British advertising agency that has been in operation since 1965. Through offices in London, New York City and San Francisco it employs more than 150 people. Screendragon is delighted to welcome an agency of Wolff Olin’s calibre to our illustrious list of agency clients.

The Wolf Olins team will utlilise Screendragon’s agency management software to service key clients, optimize resources, manage costings, and collaborate internally and with clients. You can see some of Wolff Olin’s great work here!

G2 awards Screendragon – Explainer Blog

Welcome to our live G2 explainer blog for Screendragon. We have collected several G2 achievements and awards during the last couple of years. Therefore we think it’s time to summarise our recent success and keep tabs on our progress! Screendragon provide work management software – but what does this really mean? The G2 categories and our listings will help explain the Screendragon solution.

Work management is the core Screendragon solution but this incorporates project management, resource management, agency management, and more. In addition to product performance, G2 also evaluate quality of services. This takes into account implementation, relationship management, usability, ease of business, and ease of admin. Read on to see what solution and service areas that Screendragon has performed highly in, how we achieved our rankings and awards, and what this means in simple terms!


1 – Latest News (October 2022)

2 – Introduction to G2

2a – Who are G2?
2b – What vendors feature on G2?
2c – How do G2 rank vendors?

3 – G2 Awards & Badges

3a – G2 High Performer Categories
3b – G2 Badges of Excellence
3c – G2 Top 50

4 – G2 Comparison Report

5 – See why Screendragon outperform the competition

1 – Latest News (October 2022)

Work management is at the core of everything we do at Screendragon. The G2 Fall reports have provided further evidence that we are a trusted partner for managing work. We are proud to receive new recognition from G2 for product usability, relationship management, and work management product performance! Our team, our product, and our services have made their mark in the work management category!

Work Management – High Performer!

Screendragon is now a High Performer in the Work Management category for the first time! The Enterprise Grid® Report for Work Management highlighted Screendragon’s outstanding product performance in 2022. As a result, we are now among the Highest Performers in the highly competitive Work Management category.

Work Management – Usability Index

If a product is difficult to use then it will negatively affect adoption rates. Screendragon’s intuitive platform makes it easy to learn the ropes and start managing work. Marketers and creatives are always at the forefront of our minds. This means UX and UI are key attributes of solution.

The latest G2 release has ranked the usability of Screendragon’s work management software among the best in the industry. The Usability score represents customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score® (NPS) based on ratings by G2 users. If our customers think it’s easy to use our software then you will too!

Work Management – Relationship Index

We say it often but we need to declare it again – our employees are fabulous! Reviews on G2 will focus on different elements of Screendragon depending on how the client uses our solution. Some will highlight our project management proficiencies, others celebrate our resourcing, and our flexibility and customisation is universally popular. One theme underpins almost every review though – our clients love our team. We care about our clients and make every effort to make sure they see the best of our tool and use it to its maximum ability. Consequently, our recent award for Best Support in the Work Management category is a huge endorsement of our commitment to relationship management.

2. Introduction to G2

2a. Who are G2?


G2 is a peer review website that scores software products and vendors based on customer reviews. G2 collects reviews through its online community and vendors scores include data collected from online sources and social networks too. Before submitting a review, G2 users need to validate their role and relationship with the vendor in question. Additionally, G2 does not edit or filter reviews. Buyers trust G2 as customers i.e. users determine a vendor’s ranking.

2b. What vendors feature on G2?

Any vendor can feature on G2 but only the leading players in the industry feature in G2 grids, reports, and awards. Screendragon features in several highly competitive solution categories on G2. These include Work Management, Resource Management, Marketing Resource Management, Digital Asset Management, Online Proofing, and Professional Services Automation. Some of these categories have over 100 vendors competing so it’s important to stand out from the crowd!

Image: G2 vendor comparison table featuring Screendragon, Adobe Workfront, Wrike, Mavenlink, and Clarizen. I think it’s fair to say that Screendragon simplifies everything!

2c. How do G2 rank vendors?

G2 use a comprehensive list of scoring methodologies to evaluate vendors. They measure usability, satisfaction, relationship, implementation, and product performance. As a result. vendors that score highly in these categories can obtain high performer awards (see 2a) and badges of excellence (see 2b). The market ranking includes criterion such as employee headcount and social following.

Above: G2 Professional Services Automation Enterprise Grid® – Screendragon are the highest performer (furthest to the right)!

3. G2 Awards & Badges

3a. G2 High Performer Categories

Screendragon are proud to have earned High Performer awards in all of the following categories. Our website does not exaggerate when we proclaim to be an ‘end-to-end’ work management and creative operations solution!

Work Management (Momentum Grid® Leader)

G2’s work management evaluation focuses on productivity gains, collaboration, resource optimization, and remote work management. Screendragon’s automated workflows, AI assisted resourcing and forecasting, and advanced budget management hit the spot. These capabilities help companies increase productivity, reduce costs and improve speed-to-market! Our core functionality spans in-depth workflow customization with intelligent form structures and tasks. This is also supported by a robust reporting module and easy to use administrative tools.

With 116 vendors featuring on G2’s work management category this is a highly competitive market. However, Screendragon is flying up the ranks and we’re moving towards the leadership position. In light of our recent achievements, our Momentum Grid® leader award highlights the trajectory of our award winning software!


Marketing Resource Management (Momentum Grid® Leader)

Screendragon’s resource management module is fully integrated with our marketing project management software. Consequently, we can provide leaders with a live helicopter view of what their team is working on and what the timelines are. Screendragon’s heatmap capacity view offers managers insight into opportunities for new work and constraints for upcoming projects.

Screendragon has been a leader in the marketing and creative space for more than 15 years. This means our resource management tool is perfectly suited for creative teams. Our performance in the marketing resource management is further proof that we are the go-to work management software for marketing teams!

Resource Management (Grid® Leader)

G2 describes resource management as ‘software that tracks, schedules, and optimizes human and material resources required for project management’. Accordingly, Screendragon’s resource management capabilities are wide-ranging and help teams from a variety of backgrounds. Screendragon’s most popular resourcing features are drag ‘n’ drop scheduling, real time resource calendar, AI assisted talent profile utilization, and pipeline and capacity planning.

Managing people and time is the foundation for work management and Screendragon has always stood out in this area. In addition to our leader position in the Momentum Grid®, Screendragon is the highest performer in the Resource Management Grid®! If you’d like to see why our customers rate us so highly in resource management then why not schedule a 30-minute tour of our software?


Professional Services Automation (#1 for Enterprise)

We’re proud to have received awards for our product offering in work management, marketing resource management, and resource management. However, it is our performance in the professional services automation category that is taking pride of place.

Among our professional services customers are a host of global agency networks such as McCann World Group, Landor & Fitch, Arc Worldwide and Interbrand as well as many fast growing small agencies . Agencies use Screendragon’s agency management solution to create new ways to increase collaboration, productivity and compliance. They can do this while removing silos, duplication of efforts and costs. Screendragon is ranked #1 among Professional Services Automation vendors in the enterprise space!

Digital Asset Management

While Screendragon may not have all the features of a traditional DAM vendor, it does possess many of the key qualities that most customers need. This includes the ability to store, share, tag and organize digital assets. Screendragon’s asset management is used by clients to create brand libraries, apply meta tags, build training knowledge bases, and share content with colleagues and partners.

3b. G2 Badges of Excellence

While G2 ‘High Performer’ awards focus on product performance, G2 badges are awarded for top class service and support. So, you have read why our product is so highly rated. It’s now time to see why our team is also world class!

Best Meets Requirements / Easiest to do Business With

Screendragon offers a vast array of capabilities (see our High Performer awards) which means we tick the boxes for most buyers. While Screendragon is a flexible product with powerful configuration capabilities, we never expect clients to work things out for themselves. Every client is assigned a solution expert whose primary role is to listen to your needs and ensure that Screendragon fits perfectly for your business.


Best Usability

Screendragon is a powerful work management tool with a lengthy list of features. Nonetheless, our brilliant development team keep user experience and customer success at the heart of everything we do. This means that Screendragon is a tool that can be learned and used by anyone (not just project managers!). It is simple in design while being sophisticated in performance.

Our latest award for ‘Best Usability’ is based on Screendragon’s performance in customer satisfaction, meeting requirements, and user adoption. Subsequently, this badge is proof that there’s a big difference between making a simple product versus making a product simple!

Best Support

Screendragon is a unique player in the work and creative management segment as most of our staff are customer service focused. We have a dedicated team of project managers, business consultants, and configuration specialists. Our project managers work with clients on a regular basis to maximize the value of Screendragon and optimize its performance. If you ever encounter a roadblock within the system (and we’d like to think you won’t!) you will not have to wait in line or go through red tape to get hands on support. We are always there when you need us.

Best Relationship

At Screendragon, we put immense value on customer support (see our award above!). When clients choose to work with Screendragon it is the beginning of a prosperous relationship for both parties. This contrasts to the seductive sell and swerve philosophy of many companies. Our greatest asset is our people and this resonates strongly in client feedback. We go to the nth degree to make sure our solution works brilliantly for your company. As a result, our clients tend to put great trust and value in our service.


Easiest Setup

Adoption rates are greatly affected by onboarding time and user experience. As outlined in our awards for ‘Best Support’ and ‘Easiest to do Business With’ we guarantee a smooth transition for new clients. Our implementation competencies are not exclusive to our highly acclaimed solutions experts though. Screendragon’s product is built to be fit for purpose which means adoption time is quick and implementation is pain-free. Our user-friendly UI and agile software are very intuitive, so it never takes long to start seeing the benefits of the system!

Easiest Admin

Screendragon has been built from the ground up to be configurable and cater for different ways of working that exist. Practically every aspect of the platform can be managed using web-based admin tools. This flexibility and intuitiveness will excite project managers and admins as much as CMOs and creatives!

Users Love Us & Most Likely To Recommend

Based on everything we said above, it might become clear why more and more companies are choosing Screendragon to manage their work and creative operations. Our passion for design, client first approach, easy implementation, and cutting-edge technology are transforming operations at Fortune 500 companies and Global Agencies and our clients love us for it!


4. G2 Vendor Comparison Report

We have effused Screendragon’s capabilities in our awards and badges summary above – but how do we stack up against the competition? Our G2 comparison report compares the top players in the industry across key product and service indicators. You can download it for free below!


5. See why Screendragon outperform the competition

We hope you’ve seen enough to justify learning more about Screendragon. If you want to see why our product scores so highly on G2 and other review websites then why not see the real thing in action? You can schedule a short product introduction with one of our solution experts below. Feel free to tell us what you’d like to see or what you need to know and we’ll show you why Screendragon is a perfect fit!


Join Screendragon at the Festival of Creative Operations!

We’re delighted to reveal that Screendragon are sponsoring The Festival of Creative Operations! The virtual event is hosted by creative industry experts Henry Stewart Events. Screendragon is delighted to partner with Henry Stewart Events for a fifth year and look forward to meeting the crème de la crème of the creative world!

We’ll be telling people about our specialist creative services management software that transforms creative operations at agencies and in-house agencies! Screendragon empowers smart workflows, better briefs, reduces rounds of revisions, controls time and budgets and accelerates speed to market.

If you’re attending the event then then make sure to join the creative panel discussion ‘Challenges, Shifts and Trends’. Screendragon’s Fergus Ashe will join Robin McLoughlin and guests to assess the latest trends in creative operations. Haven’t yet registered? There are still tickets available for the virtual event on 27th September by following this link. Registrations for brands and agencies are free so come join us!

Want to see Screendragon’s creative operations management platform in action? Schedule a 30 minute demo here!

Screendragon to fuse agency operations at We Are Unity

Screendragon are delighted to provide agency operations support for digital strategy agency We Are Unity. The Australian agency that ‘unites strategy, brand and culture to realise your most audacious aspirations‘.

We Are Unity will use Screendragon’s core estimating, resourcing and time sheeting components to create a complete picture of the financial health of all projects. A strong integration with their CRM tool allows for the automation of converting opportunities to projects. This is in addition to an integration with a finance system to synchronise actualisation.

Screendragon to Sponsor ANA In-house Agency Conference!

ANA Inhouse Conf 22 - LP-1

We are delighted to announce Screendragon will sponsor the Association of National Advertisers Inhouse Agency Conference again this year. The conference is a hybrid event taking place on the 15/16/17 March and will assemble creative and inhouse leaders of the biggest brands in the business! The ANA is the U.S. advertising industry’s oldest and largest trade association and we’re proud to partner with the ANA again in 2022.

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Podcast! Break Down Barriers & Unlock Human Potential

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Have you ever felt that your job is more about managing the beast rather than accomplishing the outcome? Do you spend more energy on process and administration than making an actual difference? Talent is the lifeblood of any organisation – but too often companies focus on performance management and process compliance over unlocking potential and achieving outcomes.

This is why we created a new podcast series to untangle the web that many teams find themselves in and unleash the talent within the room. This is the Unstuck podcast series with Clive Sirkin and guests!

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The Top 6 Agency Management Software Platforms of 2022

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Welcome to our list of the top agency management software platforms in 2022! This comprehensive review covers six of the very best agency management systems in the market today. We dive deep to bring you all the information you could possibly need to choose the best solution for your needs.

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Top Predictions for Advertising Agencies in 2022

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It’s been a turbulent couple of years for agencies but things are turning around for the industry. The initial shock of the pandemic seems to have been weathered with ad spend recovering in 2021 and expected to continue to grow in 2022. The U.S. ad market is forecast to exceed $300 billion and the global ad market over $700 billion.

As clients begin to spend again and work starts flying in the door, we’re facing new
challenges for next year and beyond. So here is our list of agency predictions for 2022!

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Screendragon Named Best Advertising Software Company of 2021 by Digital.com

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Digital.com, a leading independent review website for online tools, products, and services, has named Screendragon among the best advertising software companies of 2021. Digital.com researchers examined solutions that streamline an agency’s workflow while providing integration tools and reporting capabilities.

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How to Use Agency Management Software to Power Intelligent Creative Operations

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