Courage, Originality, and Diversity – Our Unstuck Highlights for November

November on Unstuck concluded with a neurodiversity expert which was a fitting end to an incredibly diverse range of guests and topics this month. We had ecommerce experts, start-up success, a punk rock legend, a tasty home cooking adventure, and a special leader that has broken down barriers to achieve her position.

On episode 31 and 33, we heard about thriving start-up ventures. Interestingly, they followed very different paths to success. Chris and Oskar were established leaders in the eCommerce space before they decided to go their own way. David Rabie took a different route. He developed his company using knowledge collected in the classroom in addition to experiences in the field. These great episodes were sandwiched in between two wonderful minds on episode 32 and 34. Jon and Samantha have led very different lives but are not afraid to be true to oneself. Here are the main themes and topics we discussed on Unstuck in November!

EP31 – First Mover Advantage

Chris Perry and Oskar Kaszubski (Co-Founders at firstmovr)

Chris and Oskar are the founders of firstmovr, an ecommerce ‘satellite of excellence’. Moving quickly and not getting stuck are the fundamental principles of this duo’s consultancy plug in. Like any fast movers, Chris and Oskar are ‘pioneers, troublemakers, and disruptors’. Through their hands on advisory practice they’re forcing companies to confront reality in the ecommerce space. People understand that digital commerce is here to stay, but according to Chris “Companies struggle to find the purpose and see the change that is on the horizon, ”this can have a negative impact on all forms of marketing “CPGs are often built in a siloed way. It’s then difficult to tell an end-to-end story holistically.”

Firstmovr work with more than sixty CPG companies to help them understand ecommerce better and stay on top of trends. Through close collaboration with clients, they are building playbooks that are current but agile. Understanding how offline experiences influence online sales is one of the first lessons. Oskar sums up how this misunderstanding can deliver false insights “price architecture may indicate ecommerce is failing, but what about other interactions?” Chris and Oskar have ‘8 levers for change’ that they use to get buy in from leadership and deliver results. Find out what these levers are and get your firm ecommerce ready by listening to Chris and Oskar below!

Unstuck - Social - Quote - EP33 - Chris & Oscar

EP 32 – Awareness of Sounds

Jon Langford (Artist, Designer, Musician at The Mekons, The Three Johns and more)

Our second guest in November was a shining symbol of the Unstuck philosophy. Most people will know Jon Langford through his iconic punk band, The Mekons. Formed in the 1970s, the iconic British rockers are one of the longest running punk rock groups. Not bad for a group of musicians that apparently ‘couldn’t play their instruments’ in the early days.

The Mekons are in their sixth decade of gigging and Jon attributes their endurance to originality. He explains how record labels and the music press gave them a hard time, but they never changed who they were. As Jon says, “The best times were when the band were fully in charge of what they were doing”. The rock icon firmly believes that the band would not have lasted so long if their first record was a success. Setbacks merely inspired them to keep going and they always stayed true to the Mekons brand.

In addition to an outstanding music career, Jon has forged more creative paths. The second half of Jon’s career has touched other forms of art such as painting, graphic design, and fashion. Jon believes that art and music are closely aligned when it comes to original thinking, “People are afraid to declare something as good until a superior validates it.”. He has incorporated guerrilla marketing tactics to help promote his art career. In the marketing world, his approach would likely fall under ‘direct marketing’ tactics. Hear more about Jon’s approach to marketing and get a view into a rocker’s world in this melodic episode!

Unstuck EP34 - Social - Quote - Jon Langford

EP 33 – QR Cooking

David Rabie (Co-Founder & CEO at Tovala)

We were introduced to a mouth-watering growth story on episode 33 of Unstuck. Dave Rabie took a winding road to get to where is today. He taught English in China, managed a frozen yoghurt chain, and worked in a PR firm. While Dave wasn’t always sure where he was heading, he was always aware of his two passions – business and food. At Booth Business School in Chicago he realised he could have a career that combined both.

Technology wasn’t Dave’s strong point but he developed those skills while developing an app during his studies. This was the final piece of the puzzle for Dave’s business idea. Like many people that work outside the home, he was struggling to find time to cook a decent meal in the evening. He realised he could tackle this problem with his experience in the food industry, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his new found tech skills. At this point, we’re introduced to his impressive food delivery and home cooking solution, Tovala!

Tovala delivers fresh ingredients to your home but also cooks the ingredients for you! Using the Tovala smart oven (a prerequisite for the food delivery service) and a QR code you can prepare a home cooked meal with no effort. Due to the sophisticated nature of the product, it was difficult for Tovala to find market fit. However, once the food service realized their positioning the sales numbers exploded. At one point in 2019, the company was growing 10% – 20% every week! Tovala now employs more than 130 people and Dave has needed to become a leader in addition to an entrepreneur. Tune in below to hear how Dave and Tovala combined software, hardware, and knowledge in this appetizing adventure!

Unstuck EP35 - Social - Quote - David Rabie

EP 34 – Divergent Thinking

Samantha Kolkey, LCSW (Executive Director at Options for College Success)

Samantha Kolkey is a leader that doesn’t fit your typical manager profile. She overcame the odds to combine an Executive position and a neurodiverse disposition. It was an agonising path for Samantha to get to where she is today. At school, she found learning and homework very difficult. Everything seemed more challenging and enduring than it should have been. Samantha also experienced difficulty interacting socially and being herself in social circles. Naturally, this resulted in stress and anxiety for the teenage Samantha. This meant that her schooldays were a long arduous slog. Her parents brought her to various consultants and medical experts to see if they could help. Different doctors delivered varying conclusions – anxiety, depression, bipolar. None of these diagnoses resonated with Samantha. As a result, no relief was found.

Things improved once Samantha left school and attended college. She felt like she “came in with a blank slate” and that people were “more accepting”. It wasn’t long before she fell into destructive practices again. Samantha reverted to people pleasing and masking her unique personality traits. It wasn’t until grad school that she received a diagnosis for ADHD and finally “things made sense”. The diagnosis was liberating and enabled Samantha to be herself and learn more about neurodiversity. As she says “the neurodiversity model focuses on there not being a right way of thinking. Everyone is wired differently.”

Samantha is now leading an entirely neurodiverse team at Options for College Success. As a neurodivergent leader, it can take extra effort. She is passionate about creating a safe space for her colleagues though. Samantha is investing in talent and removing stigma around neurodivergence. Find our more about neurodiversity and Samantha’s inspiring journey below!

Unstuck EP36 - Social - Quote - Samantha Kolkey

Overcoming hardship, self doubt, and life threatening illness – Unstuck in October

October was motivation month on the Unstuck podcast. We were introduced to three marketing leaders that overcame unique challenges to secure their positions. Our guests faced many career hurdles but their individual hardships were tougher. These adversities arrived in the form of relationship stresses, poverty, and life-threatening illness. Work management also featured as we heard about workplace solutions and collaboration. Although it wasn’t always straightforward, our inspiring guests managed to build incredible careers in marketing and leadership. Here is a summary of the topics that shaped the Unstuck podcast in October!

The Productivity Triangle

Craig Robinson – Chief Growth Officer at Industrious

It could be argued that our first guest in October accomplished a great feat by earning a degree and securing a professional job. Growing up in a very disadvantaged Atlanta neighbourhood, it was unlikely that Craig Robinson would be able to break out of societal chains. He is now a Chief Growth Officer and Executive Board member that holds an MIT degree and an MBA from Harvard. So how did this Atlanta kid make it to the top of the real estate career ladder? Craig insists he would never have made it without generous support and guidance throughout his life. Teachers, neighbours, and coaches all went the extra yard to give him every chance of succeeding. He never forgot those who helped him and where he came from. As a result, he’s always happy to help others fulfil their goals so that they can have the same opportunity he did.

Nowadays, Craig is the Chief Growth Officer at Industrious. In this role, he is aiming to make the workplace evolve in line with human needs and corporate objectives. He describes workplace management as ‘not about space, it’s about place’. In this episode, the Harvard graduate provides valuable career guidance and work management tips for all listeners. This includes insights and useful commentary on building successful work environments, supportive work technology, and the three elements of human fulfilment!

Unstuck EP30 - Social - Quote 3 - Craig Robinson

Defining a Win

Denise Karkos – Chief Marketing Officer at SiriusXM

Our second guest in October would not usually be happy with that position . A born winner, Denise Karkos established her career objective in her early 20s. She wanted to become a Chief Marketing Officer and all roads ought to lead to that destination. Before rapidly climbing the career ladder, Denise made her mark on the soccer pitch. She captained The University of Notre Dame’s D1 soccer team and was a fierce leader that led by example. The skipper was ‘always looking for another win’ and this mantra has remained with her throughout her career.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Denise brought her champion skills into the agency world. Unsurprisingly, she climbed the ranks quickly. She progressed from Assistant Media Buyer to Media Buyer and then onto Media Supervisor. Driven by ambition she reveals ‘those promotions felt amazing’. Denise always wanted the top job though and set her sights on a Media Director position. Once she achieved this goal, she had a reflective moment. She wondered where she was going and whether this direction was what she truly wanted. At this point, Denise knew she loved managing people and wanted the best marketing job in that area. It was time to hunt that CMO job again!

Denise is now the CMO of SiriusXM and it’s been a wild ride to get there. Denise often had to change her personal approach to reach this point in her career. Personality conflicts with bosses set her back earlier in her career but she earned valuable experience in these moments too. Striving to win is a big part of her management ethos now. She incorporates her Notre Dame experience by continuously defining wins for her team. “What I do for my team is define what a win looks like – whether it’s an event, a campaign, a meeting – what does success look like?” Listen to Denise describe her impressive journey below and find out what makes a great CMO!

Strength in Vulnerability

Gina Jacobson – Chief Growth Officer at Starcom Worldwide

Our final guest of October set the tone early in this intimate conversation “I spent the last four years engaged in the brutal reality of stripping away the person I once tried to be, revealing at last who I really am”. Gina Jacobson spent her life displaying a strong exterior while trying to continually impress others. She wasn’t ready to show vulnerability when she found out she had stage 4 cancer during a bleak doctor’s appointment. Although this news was shocking, Gina returned to a highly demanding role and continued to lead her team. In her own words she ‘feared losing her work identity more than losing her life’.

She quickly found out that she couldn’t pretend everything was normal. The Starcom Worldwide Chief Growth Officer was not able to manage the workload she carried before her diagnosis. She was compelled to finally show vulnerability to her co-workers. This was an incredibly difficult experience for her, but it forged strong intimate connections with her team. It has been a daunting journey for Gina, but she has kept the show on the road and continues to lead the renowned broadcast company today.

In this episode, Gina bravely shares insight into her cancer journey to date. She explains how she was forced to find new ways to live and work. In addition to revealing deeply personal experiences, Gina provides invaluable advice to listeners on how to support a co-worker that is unwell. She beat the odds and the doctor’s diagnosis to be here today and we’re very grateful she has put aside time for us.

Unstuck - Social - Quote - Gina Jacobson

G2 awards Screendragon – Explainer Blog

Welcome to our live G2 explainer blog for Screendragon. We have collected several G2 achievements and awards during the last couple of years. Therefore we think it’s time to summarise our recent success and keep tabs on our progress! Screendragon provide work management software – but what does this really mean? The G2 categories and our listings will help explain the Screendragon solution.

Work management is the core Screendragon solution but this incorporates project management, resource management, agency management, and more. In addition to product performance, G2 also evaluate quality of services. This takes into account implementation, relationship management, usability, ease of business, and ease of admin. Read on to see what solution and service areas that Screendragon has performed highly in, how we achieved our rankings and awards, and what this means in simple terms!


1 – Latest News (October 2022)

2 – Introduction to G2

2a – Who are G2?
2b – What vendors feature on G2?
2c – How do G2 rank vendors?

3 – G2 Awards & Badges

3a – G2 High Performer Categories
3b – G2 Badges of Excellence
3c – G2 Top 50

4 – G2 Comparison Report

5 – See why Screendragon outperform the competition

1 – Latest News (October 2022)

Work management is at the core of everything we do at Screendragon. The G2 Fall reports have provided further evidence that we are a trusted partner for managing work. We are proud to receive new recognition from G2 for product usability, relationship management, and work management product performance! Our team, our product, and our services have made their mark in the work management category!

Work Management – High Performer!

Screendragon is now a High Performer in the Work Management category for the first time! The Enterprise Grid® Report for Work Management highlighted Screendragon’s outstanding product performance in 2022. As a result, we are now among the Highest Performers in the highly competitive Work Management category.

Work Management – Usability Index

If a product is difficult to use then it will negatively affect adoption rates. Screendragon’s intuitive platform makes it easy to learn the ropes and start managing work. Marketers and creatives are always at the forefront of our minds. This means UX and UI are key attributes of solution.

The latest G2 release has ranked the usability of Screendragon’s work management software among the best in the industry. The Usability score represents customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score® (NPS) based on ratings by G2 users. If our customers think it’s easy to use our software then you will too!

Work Management – Relationship Index

We say it often but we need to declare it again – our employees are fabulous! Reviews on G2 will focus on different elements of Screendragon depending on how the client uses our solution. Some will highlight our project management proficiencies, others celebrate our resourcing, and our flexibility and customisation is universally popular. One theme underpins almost every review though – our clients love our team. We care about our clients and make every effort to make sure they see the best of our tool and use it to its maximum ability. Consequently, our recent award for Best Support in the Work Management category is a huge endorsement of our commitment to relationship management.

2. Introduction to G2

2a. Who are G2?


G2 is a peer review website that scores software products and vendors based on customer reviews. G2 collects reviews through its online community and vendors scores include data collected from online sources and social networks too. Before submitting a review, G2 users need to validate their role and relationship with the vendor in question. Additionally, G2 does not edit or filter reviews. Buyers trust G2 as customers i.e. users determine a vendor’s ranking.

2b. What vendors feature on G2?

Any vendor can feature on G2 but only the leading players in the industry feature in G2 grids, reports, and awards. Screendragon features in several highly competitive solution categories on G2. These include Work Management, Resource Management, Marketing Resource Management, Digital Asset Management, Online Proofing, and Professional Services Automation. Some of these categories have over 100 vendors competing so it’s important to stand out from the crowd!

Image: G2 vendor comparison table featuring Screendragon, Adobe Workfront, Wrike, Mavenlink, and Clarizen. I think it’s fair to say that Screendragon simplifies everything!

2c. How do G2 rank vendors?

G2 use a comprehensive list of scoring methodologies to evaluate vendors. They measure usability, satisfaction, relationship, implementation, and product performance. As a result. vendors that score highly in these categories can obtain high performer awards (see 2a) and badges of excellence (see 2b). The market ranking includes criterion such as employee headcount and social following.

Above: G2 Professional Services Automation Enterprise Grid® – Screendragon are the highest performer (furthest to the right)!

3. G2 Awards & Badges

3a. G2 High Performer Categories

Screendragon are proud to have earned High Performer awards in all of the following categories. Our website does not exaggerate when we proclaim to be an ‘end-to-end’ work management and creative operations solution!

Work Management (Momentum Grid® Leader)

G2’s work management evaluation focuses on productivity gains, collaboration, resource optimization, and remote work management. Screendragon’s automated workflows, AI assisted resourcing and forecasting, and advanced budget management hit the spot. These capabilities help companies increase productivity, reduce costs and improve speed-to-market! Our core functionality spans in-depth workflow customization with intelligent form structures and tasks. This is also supported by a robust reporting module and easy to use administrative tools.

With 116 vendors featuring on G2’s work management category this is a highly competitive market. However, Screendragon is flying up the ranks and we’re moving towards the leadership position. In light of our recent achievements, our Momentum Grid® leader award highlights the trajectory of our award winning software!


Marketing Resource Management (Momentum Grid® Leader)

Screendragon’s resource management module is fully integrated with our marketing project management software. Consequently, we can provide leaders with a live helicopter view of what their team is working on and what the timelines are. Screendragon’s heatmap capacity view offers managers insight into opportunities for new work and constraints for upcoming projects.

Screendragon has been a leader in the marketing and creative space for more than 15 years. This means our resource management tool is perfectly suited for creative teams. Our performance in the marketing resource management is further proof that we are the go-to work management software for marketing teams!

Resource Management (Grid® Leader)

G2 describes resource management as ‘software that tracks, schedules, and optimizes human and material resources required for project management’. Accordingly, Screendragon’s resource management capabilities are wide-ranging and help teams from a variety of backgrounds. Screendragon’s most popular resourcing features are drag ‘n’ drop scheduling, real time resource calendar, AI assisted talent profile utilization, and pipeline and capacity planning.

Managing people and time is the foundation for work management and Screendragon has always stood out in this area. In addition to our leader position in the Momentum Grid®, Screendragon is the highest performer in the Resource Management Grid®! If you’d like to see why our customers rate us so highly in resource management then why not schedule a 30-minute tour of our software?


Professional Services Automation (#1 for Enterprise)

We’re proud to have received awards for our product offering in work management, marketing resource management, and resource management. However, it is our performance in the professional services automation category that is taking pride of place.

Among our professional services customers are a host of global agency networks such as McCann World Group, Landor & Fitch, Arc Worldwide and Interbrand as well as many fast growing small agencies . Agencies use Screendragon’s agency management solution to create new ways to increase collaboration, productivity and compliance. They can do this while removing silos, duplication of efforts and costs. Screendragon is ranked #1 among Professional Services Automation vendors in the enterprise space!

Digital Asset Management

While Screendragon may not have all the features of a traditional DAM vendor, it does possess many of the key qualities that most customers need. This includes the ability to store, share, tag and organize digital assets. Screendragon’s asset management is used by clients to create brand libraries, apply meta tags, build training knowledge bases, and share content with colleagues and partners.

3b. G2 Badges of Excellence

While G2 ‘High Performer’ awards focus on product performance, G2 badges are awarded for top class service and support. So, you have read why our product is so highly rated. It’s now time to see why our team is also world class!

Best Meets Requirements / Easiest to do Business With

Screendragon offers a vast array of capabilities (see our High Performer awards) which means we tick the boxes for most buyers. While Screendragon is a flexible product with powerful configuration capabilities, we never expect clients to work things out for themselves. Every client is assigned a solution expert whose primary role is to listen to your needs and ensure that Screendragon fits perfectly for your business.


Best Usability

Screendragon is a powerful work management tool with a lengthy list of features. Nonetheless, our brilliant development team keep user experience and customer success at the heart of everything we do. This means that Screendragon is a tool that can be learned and used by anyone (not just project managers!). It is simple in design while being sophisticated in performance.

Our latest award for ‘Best Usability’ is based on Screendragon’s performance in customer satisfaction, meeting requirements, and user adoption. Subsequently, this badge is proof that there’s a big difference between making a simple product versus making a product simple!

Best Support

Screendragon is a unique player in the work and creative management segment as most of our staff are customer service focused. We have a dedicated team of project managers, business consultants, and configuration specialists. Our project managers work with clients on a regular basis to maximize the value of Screendragon and optimize its performance. If you ever encounter a roadblock within the system (and we’d like to think you won’t!) you will not have to wait in line or go through red tape to get hands on support. We are always there when you need us.

Best Relationship

At Screendragon, we put immense value on customer support (see our award above!). When clients choose to work with Screendragon it is the beginning of a prosperous relationship for both parties. This contrasts to the seductive sell and swerve philosophy of many companies. Our greatest asset is our people and this resonates strongly in client feedback. We go to the nth degree to make sure our solution works brilliantly for your company. As a result, our clients tend to put great trust and value in our service.


Easiest Setup

Adoption rates are greatly affected by onboarding time and user experience. As outlined in our awards for ‘Best Support’ and ‘Easiest to do Business With’ we guarantee a smooth transition for new clients. Our implementation competencies are not exclusive to our highly acclaimed solutions experts though. Screendragon’s product is built to be fit for purpose which means adoption time is quick and implementation is pain-free. Our user-friendly UI and agile software are very intuitive, so it never takes long to start seeing the benefits of the system!

Easiest Admin

Screendragon has been built from the ground up to be configurable and cater for different ways of working that exist. Practically every aspect of the platform can be managed using web-based admin tools. This flexibility and intuitiveness will excite project managers and admins as much as CMOs and creatives!

Users Love Us & Most Likely To Recommend

Based on everything we said above, it might become clear why more and more companies are choosing Screendragon to manage their work and creative operations. Our passion for design, client first approach, easy implementation, and cutting-edge technology are transforming operations at Fortune 500 companies and Global Agencies and our clients love us for it!


4. G2 Vendor Comparison Report

We have effused Screendragon’s capabilities in our awards and badges summary above – but how do we stack up against the competition? Our G2 comparison report compares the top players in the industry across key product and service indicators. You can download it for free below!


5. See why Screendragon outperform the competition

We hope you’ve seen enough to justify learning more about Screendragon. If you want to see why our product scores so highly on G2 and other review websites then why not see the real thing in action? You can schedule a short product introduction with one of our solution experts below. Feel free to tell us what you’d like to see or what you need to know and we’ll show you why Screendragon is a perfect fit!


Beer Academies, Crafty Contingencies, and AI Powered Recruiting – Unstuck in July

Summer is in full swing which means we’re often reaching  for a cold beverage these days. Fittingly, two of our Unstuck guests during July are finding different ways to quench our thirst! We spoke to two food and beverage disruptors that are providing different and innovative services in Chicago while experiencing huge growth. One of these is a gifted musician and the other is a former MLS player with Chicago Fire. These kinds of talented individuals are on the radar of our third guest on the podcast who is building a talent management software by utilizing AI. Here is a quick summary of another great month of discussion on the Unstuck podcast!

Liberating Liquor

EP21 – Dan Abel – Co-Founder & CEO at Pilot Project Brewing

Dan Abel is a natural born creative. Having parked his professional music career, he’s now tuning up innovative and unconventional brands in the fermented malt beverage industry (aka beer!). Passionate about originality and imagination, Dan’s beer academy Pilot Project Brewing is an incubator for some of the quirkiest and coolest new drinks brands in Chicago. Breaking down barriers and supporting creativity is the essence of Pilot Project Brewing and Dan’s vision. In his own words “When you lower barriers of entry, you start organically sourcing ideas across an innovative and diverse spectrum.”. More than 450 brands have applied to participate, and Dan is proud of the diversity represented within the organization. More than a third of the enterprises in the incubator are female led and around half are minority owned brands.

Staying loyal to his musical past, Dan describes the workings of Pilot Project Brewing as ‘a bit like American Idol’. Applicants make a pitch and if it lands then they can take advantage of excellent brewing facilities, a scalable infrastructure, and clear routes to market. The first brand they helped launch was Luna Bay in 2018 and they’ve successfully brought thirteen more brands to market since! Dan’s ambition for Pilot Project Brewing going forward is that they create sustainability for these businesses rather than just being a top of funnel lead generator. Hear about Dan’s plans and how Pilot Project Brewing is rapidly outgrowing itself by listening to the full episode below!

Unseen Talent

EP22 – Joel Wright – Co-Founder & CEO at

Joel Wright is an exceptional MarTech entrepreneur that is now using AI to transform the ability to find talent. Before launching his talent management software Sinecure, Joel found huge success with #Hashoff – a social influencer software. He co-founded #Hashoff in 2014 believing there was a better way to advertise rather than bombard people with largely irrelevant messages. #Hashoff connected an eco-system of freelancers with hungry brands that were looking to create new and fresh content. Joel and his team were ahead of the game creating technologies for influencer marketing in 2014 and he thinks they may have even been ‘ a bit early’. #Hashoff found it difficult to raise venture capital as they were seen as an AdTech platform in a saturated market. But Joel insisted they were not just an AdTech vendor, they were the trailblazing CaaS providers – content as a service. #Hashoff took off and Joel led the company from inception to a successful exit!

In addition to being a pioneering CaaS technology, #Hashoff was also a hugely effective recruitment tool. Joel used his knowledge of recruiting and talent management to build his AI powered Sinecure platform. The software uses machine learning to build perfect profiles for candidates and create a perfect match between people and companies. Sinecure builds intelligence around successful workers across the globe to identify traits and skills that makeup a great employee. Usually, companies and recruiters rely on self-reporting data (e.g., LinkedIn) to evaluate applicants and prospects but Sinecure provides a greater understanding of the candidates that companies should be pursuing. Listen below to find out how this provides a smarter, faster, and more predictable recruitment outcome for clients!

Unstuck - Social - Quote - Joel

A Crafty Contingency

EP23 – Chris Ritter – Co-Founder & COO at Crafty / Former MLS Player

Chris Ritter fulfilled a childhood dream when he signed for the Chicago Fire in the MLS. He didn’t have a clear pathway to follow in reaching the major league, so he had to work doubly hard to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. He chose to study at Northwestern which has a great soccer tradition and this decision put him on the radar of Chicago scouts. His performances quickly attracted attention as he picked up several individual and team accolades. This led to the Chicago Fire taking a chance on Chris in 2014 and the rest is history! Well, not really. There were some good times ahead but Chris career in the MLS was not exactly how he imagined it to be. The coaches didn’t seem to have the same faith in Chris’ ability as he did, and he found it difficult to make his mark at Chicago Fire. After just two seasons, Chris made the brave decision to put his professional soccer career on hold to pursue a new path in business.

Never afraid to take on a challenge, Chris was presented with an opportunity to co-found his own company with friends from Northwestern. They noticed that companies were investing more in employee experience, so they offered to provide popular snacks and drinks for companies in the Chicago area. They created a company called Crafty and began filling the fridges and canteens across offices in the city. In a short period of time, Chris had gone from manning a midfield to driving a delivery truck “I was seen by my family and friends as a professional soccer player and next thing you know I’m driving a truck on Lower Wacker Drive in Chicago!” Everything seemed to be rosy for Chris and Crafty until a horrible new ‘c’ word entered our vocabulary in 2020 and offices became empty overnight. The future of work and Crafty’s prospects became very unclear. Like any good sports professional, Chris and Crafty responded to the challenge and they reinvented themselves as a food technology platform. They’re now scalable, growing rapidly, and recently earned $10mn in Series A funding! Check out their story below to hear about one of the great pandemic pivots.

Unstuck - Social - Quote - Chris

Unstuck in June: The Dark Side of Professional Sport, Hereditary Hustling, and Shelling It Out

Unstuck Highlights - June

The Unstuck podcast rolled in to its fifth month with three compelling characters telling tales of triumph and despair. They may be celebrated businesspeople now but none of our guests enjoyed a straight line to success. These entrepreneurs hurdled many challenges – some business related and others profoundly personal. From the Stanley Cup to oyster farming in the Hamptons, we covered our widest range of topics to date. Our host Clive Sirkin delved deep into the personal lives of our guests. Here’s a quick summary of another riveting month on the pod!

‘Healing Together’ with Daniel Carcillo

Former NHL Player / CEO & Founder at Wesana Health

It’s not every day we get to chat to a major league player on the pod never mind a two-time Stanley Cup champion. Nicknamed ‘Car Bomb’ due to his combat role in the NHL, Daniel Carcillo had to fight brutal adversaries both on the rink and off it. He was just 15 when he moved away from home to pursue his goal of being a professional hockey player. Having left a small farming town in Ontario the life of an apprentice player hit hard as he spent half his teenage years on buses travelling to play against older, street-smart players. Daniel struggled in what he called a ‘cult-like’ environment and he suffered severe physical and emotional abuse. This experience set the tone for a difficult adulthood. Daniel’s dream life in the NHL was often more akin to a nightmare.

Battling depression and a concussion related brain injury, Daniel turned to alcohol and substances to dim the pain. His mental health deteriorated when he retired from hockey. Thankfully, Daniel searched for treatment which led him to the path he is on today. A friend recommended natural medicine in the form of psilocybin which had an immediate and forceful impact on Daniel’s mental state. For the first time in years, Daniel felt ‘normal’ and the depression began to cease. He is now on a mission to tell people about natural medicine through his company Wesana Health. Hear more about this incredible story of hockey, hopelessness and healing below.


‘Nag ‘n’ Hustle’ with Chad Bronstein

CEO & Founder at Fyllo

Chad Bronstein was a ‘nag’ as a kid and that’s why his father knew he’d do well in life. Ultra-entrepreneurial in his youth, Chad was always open to opportunities for extra pocket money. He earned his first pay checks washing cars and repairing Nintendos. He owes his strong work ethic to his parents who he said were ‘hustlers’ but with ‘values’.  

While Chad was always destined to be an entrepreneur, he carved out an incredible impressive career in the corporate world as a champion salesman. In his first professional job he regularly trounced targets and became the #1 salesperson in the company. During his time at this firm a mentor advised him to pursue a sales role in AdTech where his skills would flourish even further. A job in CitySearch followed and Chad quickly became the #1 sales guy again peaking at 700% of target. This opened the opportunity to join Bankrate where Chad excelled again but had to work even harder to become the #1 performer. Gaining invaluable expertise and connections, Chad’s experience in the sales world also thought him to be resilient and how to respond to rejection. These are qualities which still benefit him today.

Chad eventually followed his entrepreneurial north star and created his own company – Fyllo. In his own words he is ‘meant to be doing what I’m doing now’. His values for leadership revolve around treating everyone with respect and getting buy in from every employee. Listen below to hear more about Chad’s experience and how he’s faring as CEO!

Unstuck - Social - Quote - Chad Bronstein

‘The Hatchery’ with Jeff Ragovin

Host with 1 Billion + in Exits / Chief Commercial Officer at Fyllo

Whether you meet him in the boardroom or on a boat, Jeff Ragovin is ready for the next big catch. Fanatical about fishing and the ocean, Jeff’s latest project is an environmentally friendly hatchery that produces 20 million clams and oysters per year.

This isn’t the first time that Jeff’s passion for food and his work have acquiesced. In 2017, Jeff set up Digital Fork – an invite only and exclusive dining experience. It brings together senior level marketers and execs from the world’s top brands to eat, network, and share ideas in confidence. The scheme proved incredibly popular and there have been 55 dinners since its inception with more than 800 guests.

A decade prior to Digital Fork, Jeff laid the foundations for an incredible exit story when he co-founded Buddy Media. The concept was simple – Jeff and his team wanted to help brands create unique and engaging Facebook experiences. Through messaging and content tools, brands were able to take advantage of this new craze. Facebook took off and so did Buddy Media which earned $100m in funding over five years. This culminated in an acquisition by Salesforce for $800mn in 2012. Jeff opted to stay with Salesforce to continue the Buddy Media story before eventually departing the company in 2016. If you want to hear more about this incredible story of AdTech success, then tune in to the full episode below!

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MarTech, Marketing Doctors & Agency Execs – May was Marketing Month on Unstuck!

May was Marketing Month on the Unstuck podcast as we heard from advertising agency leaders, a marketing doctor, and two MarTech entrepreneurs.

Agencies represent an important element of Screendragon’s customer base and the Unstuck listenership, so we were delighted to have agency leaders from Leo Burnett and Wieden & Kennedy on the pod. On the MarTech front, we heard about how two different technologies are helping marketing teams use social media posts to transform online ads and how quizzes and surveys power zero party data collection. In one of our most interesting discussions to date, we also learned about how studying hip hop lyrics can shape your marketing strategy – you need to listen to believe!

‘The Danger of Staying Still’ with Emma Montgomery’

Our opening guest in May was our first from down under as we spoke to Emma Montgomery, the amiable CEO of Leo Burnett Australia. Emma’s experience in the agency world isn’t limited to the Australian market as she held senior roles for both Leo Burnett and TBWA on the west and east coasts of the US. She’s now back in her home city of Sydney leading Leo Burnett’s award-winning Australian operation.

Emma’s journey in marketing and advertising was far from straightforward. With a degree in Politics and History, Emma wanted to pursue a career in social policy until she hit a major obstacle when she failed the Australian public service exam. Linear thinking wasn’t Emma’s strength, she was driven by curiosity around behavioral science and critical thinking which led her to a career guidance meeting and a sliding doors moment that changed her life. Hanging on the wall of the office was a job poster for a researcher position at Leo Burnett – Emma applied, got the job, and the rest is history. Listen below to hear about Emma’s life in advertising and why ‘getting stuck isn’t always a bad thing!

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‘Social Re-creation’ with Casey Saran

As part of the Unstuck small company feature, Clive introduced social ads platform Spaceback and their founder and CEO, Casey Saran. Having worked for Weather Underground and Google managing programmatic ads, Casey earned vast experience in the functioning of ad systems and discovered why they often deliver unsatisfactory results. It’s common for marketing teams to create generic online ads that run all year round without much time afforded to performance analysis or content changes. This led Casey to set up a creative automation platform called Spaceback.

In the early days of Spaceback, Casey discovered that social posts performed 5x times better than generic ads and that those who engaged on social media were more likely to click on a retargeting ad. Spaceback offers users the opportunity to easily convert social content and posts into programmatic ads so that online ads are kept fresh and current. Listen to the full episode below to hear how Casey’s team are ‘getting social beyond social’!

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‘Hip-hop Strategies’ with Dr. Marcus Collins

Many guests on Unstuck have told stories about how they ended up working in marketing by accident without studying the discipline or earning a degree. As suggested by his title, Dr Marcus Collins does not fall into this bracket and became our first guest that can be called a Marketing Doctor!

Marcus is the Chief Strategy Officer at Wieden & Kennedy while also lecturing at the University of Michigan School of Business. In this episode, Marcus explains how we was inspired to do his marketing PHD on hip-hop lyrics and why we can learn a lot about marketing vogue by listening closely to the artist’s lyrics. Marketers are always looking for the next big trend and Marcus found that hip-hop artists are often ahead of the curve! When not studying hip-hop, Marcus keeps busy investigating culture and virality and why some ideas cause ‘cultural contagion’ – this is where marketers need to step up and create contagious content!

‘Zero-party Data’ with Tom Coburn

Our penultimate guest of May was Tom Coburn – an entrepreneur that is building future-proof data collection methods for marketers. Labeled as the ‘world’s first zero party data collection platform’, Jebbit are creating new ways to obtain legally compliant marketing data puts user experience front and center.

Tom explains that people need to be happy to share their information with you to meet the ‘zero party’ standard. Through fun quizzes, interesting surveys, and quirky games, Jebbit are engaging web and mobile visitors in a unique way while procuring high quality contact data. In this episode, Tom explains why Jebbit was formed, how their quiz software works, and why the future of data collection is all just fun and games!

Tom Coburn Unstuck Podcast

Next up!

We’re taking a quick break in the first week of June but we’ll be back the following Tuesday with an incredible guest. After winning two Stanley Cups, our guest set up a mental health company after going through personal challenges. Tune in next week to hear his inspiring story!

Unstuck in March: Evolving Commerce & Healthy Snacks!

The second month of the Unstuck podcast delivered an exciting mix of guests from backgrounds in agency, e-commerce, food and beverage, and software. Whether it was the changing e-commerce landscape, entering new markets, keeping processes inhouse, or building an enterprise from the ground up there were many memorable discussions and useful takeaways from our latest round of Unstuck stars!

Remember, there is a new episode of the Unstuck podcast every week and you can find all of our previous episodes on the Unstuck homepage or in your podcast app. If you’re hearing about Unstuck for the first time then why not check out our February highlights to see how our show launched last month? If you’ve already done so then here are some of our highlights from March!


Beth Ann Kaminkow, Global CEO at VMY&R Commerce

Beth Ann Kaminkow is passionate about virtual experiences and she’s on a mission to bring e-commerce into the experiential age with delightful creative engagement. In Beth Ann’s own words ‘The more you bring that creativity in to that space you’re giving consumers what they want’. Beth Ann believes this is the ‘realest, richest version of consumer marketing today’ and that you need to understand the customer journey explicitly so that you can ‘understand how people are behaving and meet them with creative engagement all along the way‘. Before getting stuck into analytics and creative though you need to always begin by asking yourself ‘how do I want people to engage with my brand?’.

The agency world can be hard and fast but Beth Ann insists on kindness being a part of her leadership manual. When unlocking talent, you need to begin by using ‘loverage’. In this fast paced business environment you need to ensure you remain committed to encouraging, praising, and helping your team when they fall. In Beth Ann’s world, it is the foundation of all transformation.


‘Hunting the Edges’

Simon Francis, CEO at Flock Associates

Like many in the industry, Simon Francis didn’t train to be a marketer. Unsure of what career path he wanted to follow and whether he wanted to use his Biology degree, he volunteered for a role in Zenith and let’s just say the rest is history! In addition to other high profile positions, Simon has served as CEO of Aegis, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Europe, and Managing Director of OMD. Simon is drawn towards the path less travelled and finds many of his best ideas in the ‘fringes’ of a dataset. He encourages us to ‘hunt the edges – look at the other areas of a dataset’ to find new approaches and markets. 

In 2013, Simon founded Flock Associates – a marketing transformation company. Fond of a challenge, he wanted to help teams get unstuck as his experiences led him to conclude that most companies succeed because they combine good strategy (the ‘what’) with strong organisation (the ‘how’). Many companies get stuck trying to achieve the latter and Flock Associates are there to help 1,500 agencies transform the ‘how’. Listen to Simon’s story below to hear how you can transform your own marketing organisation!

‘Control is an Illusion’ 

Bohb Blair, CMO at Jones Soda

Bohb Blair is the Chief Marketing Officer at beloved beverage brand ‘Jones Soda’. Many people will recognise the Jones Soda brand from their iconic flavours and quirky marketing. Long before Instagram and Snapchat, Jones were attracting user generated content through custom bottle labels and customer photo galleries on their website. Somewhere along the way though, Jones Soda got too fixated on trying to ‘be like the big guy’ and imitate Coca Cola and Pepsi which resulted in the brand losing track of who they were and what made them unique.

Jones Soda are back in profitability and growing quarter on quarter and Blair attributes this to ‘finding a middle ground between a small independent brand vs a big CPG’. Jones Soda are using their agility to dip their toe into emerging markets as they can ‘change flavours and packaging much quicker than bigger brands‘. Listen to episode 7 with Bohb to hear about Jones Soda new ‘adventurous’ line of products!

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‘Selective Destruction’

Sarah Hofstetter, President at Profitero and Board Member, Campbell Soup

Sarah Hofstetter’s journey in media and marketing began as an editorial assistant at the New York Times. It was here that Sarah developed a love for ‘succinct story telling and getting to the point’. She’s always up for new challenges and is very encouraging when it comes to changing course or even career; ‘Don’t be afraid to pivot or completely change course in your working life. You need different chapters in the story of your life.’

Sarah is now President of e-commerce analytics platform, Profitero where she is always searching for that ‘delta between consumer behaviour and brand readiness’. In this episode Sarah shares some interesting insights about the US e-commerce landscape and how every company was forced to invest in e-commerce during the pandemic if they wanted to survive. 

Concluding Sarah’s passion for pivots, she encourages listeners ‘start from the ground up’ when iterating products and processes and believes we all need to practice a bit of ‘selective destruction’ on a routine basis!

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‘Fearless Asking’

Trish Thomas & Nichole Wilson, Co-Founders at Every Body Eat®

Trish and Nichole are passionate about food and inclusivity when it comes to eating in or dining out. More than 60% of American families are impacted by a special diet of some form which in their view can sometimes result in awkward scenarios when it comes to sharing food.

Trish and Nichole want to remove the shame around special diets so that everyone can have a ‘seat at the table’. Their snack food company Every Body Eat® has a range of foods that meets almost every specialist diet. In their own words, their founding question is ‘How do we make it easier to eat? But more importantly, how do we eat with other people?’ Listen to episode 9 with Trish and Nichole to find out great friends became formidable business partners!

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Podcast! Break Down Barriers & Unlock Human Potential

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Have you ever felt that your job is more about managing the beast rather than accomplishing the outcome? Do you spend more energy on process and administration than making an actual difference? Talent is the lifeblood of any organisation – but too often companies focus on performance management and process compliance over unlocking potential and achieving outcomes.

This is why we created a new podcast series to untangle the web that many teams find themselves in and unleash the talent within the room. This is the Unstuck podcast series with Clive Sirkin and guests!

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The Top 6 Workflow Software Platforms in 2022

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There have never been so many technology providers offering to transform your business. In Chiefmartec’s 2020 MarTech super graphic there were over 8,000 vendors displayed and over 100 of these were selling ‘Projects and Workflow’ management technology. But what exactly is ‘Workflow Software’? What features should you look for in a workflow management solution? And, most importantly, what are the top vendors in this area in 2022?  

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Forrester’s Returning to Work Report: A Work Management View

In April 2020, Forrester published a report titled ‘Returning to Work: How to Prepare for Pandemic Recovery’. The research focuses on office management, dealing with fluctuations in demand,  and managing your workforce throughout the stages of pandemic. Here is Screendragon’s view on the report with specific reference to business resilience and recommendations for maintaining competitiveness.

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