Infographic: marketing processes under the microscope

5 min read

Our latest research among client and agency-side marketers has revealed a concerning lack of sophistication when it comes to agency processes. The out-dated way many of them still approach project management and the creative approvals process could be causing real problems for the future.

And the infographic below brings those challenges into sharp focus: many teams still rely on email and Microsoft Excel to track approvals and milestones; a third of managers lack standardised processes; and a worrying two out of five brands and agencies (40%) admit that they’ve inadvertently published an incorrect piece of creative – anything from a typo in the copy to the wrong branding.

It’s not exactly ideal, is it?

If you’d like to know more about this research, please download our full report or get in touch with us directly. Given how incredibly important marketing projects can be, shouldn’t you be doing everything possible to make the processes involved in managing them simple, streamlined and error-free?


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