The Brand Marketer’s View on Creative Work in 2023 – 4 Key Takeaways

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The demands on marketers have never been greater. Marketing teams are expected to create more content and deliver more campaigns while working with squeezed resources. While many marketing teams increased in size in 2023,  60% of marketers feel their team is under resourced. Additionally, 62% of marketers think their tech stack isn’t sufficient for their operations. These are just a sample of some of the insights from Screendragon’s 2023 creative operations report. In this summary article, we will examine survey responses that arrived from brand marketers specifically. On that note, welcome to The Marketer’s View on Creative Work in 2023!

In our Creative Operations 2023 report, we surveyed brands like Microsoft, Hallmark, The North Face, the NHL and more, to get a view on creative work from a marketer’s perspective. The wide-ranging survey touched on many facets of the modern marketing operation, but four themes emanated strongly from our research:

  1. More, More, More!
  2. Not enough time or resources
  3. AI is still in its infancy
  4. We need a DAM!

1 – More, more, more!

It feels like expectations are always rising for marketers. Although the industry routinely expands and contracts, the demands on marketers never seem to dip or decline. This sentiment is evident in our creative operations report as 82% of marketers noted an increased workload year on year in 2023.

When asked about the most important metrics to measure, marketers differed from agencies wherein the volume of projects completed featured at the top of priority lists. Both the percentage of projects delivered on time, and the number of projects completed during a specified period, were viewed by marketers as the key KPIs in 2023.

2 – Not enough time

With such demands on marketers, it’s not surprising to learn that time management can be a challenge. In fact, it is the #1 challenge when it comes to adopting new marketing technologies. Our marketers surveyed identified lack of time as the biggest blocker to adopting new solutions, like time management software, that could help alleviate the problem. Furthermore, we can reveal that only 15% of marketers are currently using time tracking software to support their work.

3 – AI Marketing still in its infancy

It looks like those who are predicting that robots will replace marketers will probably have to wait (sorry). The State of Creative Operations 2023 revealed that more than half of marketers are still not using AI in any form to support their work. Within the 45% that have embraced the bots, the most popular functionality utilised is the famed ChatGPT from OpenAI. The search engine and copywriter is used by almost one third of marketers which makes it the clear AI favourite amongst our respondents. While ChatGPT has been embraced by marketers to a certain degree, generative AI still has a way to go to become mainstream. Only 7% of marketers surveyed have adopted tools like Dall-E and Midjourney.

4 – Gaps in the Tech Stack

Managing a tech stack and maximising technology’s impact is a huge part of the modern marketer’s role. In the 2023 MarTech map, there were more than 11,000 vendors offering marketing solutions. Even though there’s never been more tools to choose from, 46% of our marketers are still dissatisfied with their current tech stack.

When we examine this insight further, there are clear gaps in the 2023 MarTech stack. As a result, this may be why so many marketers feel under-supported by their marketing toolkit. Within our marketing community, we discovered that only 48% use software to manage briefs. Furthermore, even less have a clear brand compliance workflow. So, what tools are almost half of marketers using to manage briefs and approvals? Excel and email of course! Old habits die hard…

Earlier in this blog we also referred to many marketers feeling under-resourced. Considering this, it’s arguably not surprising to learn that most marketers, 70% to be specific, are not using resource management software. However, resource management software was the #2 priority for investment this year, so maybe marketers are beginning to learn about the benefits of MRM solutions.

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