The Challenges / Goals

  • Volume of marketing activity increasing with more channels and higher frequency
  • Need for a cost effective marketing services model for changing marketplace
  • In-house agency needing operations system to help manage increased workload and resources
  • Need for a framework to support service level commitments to business partners
  • Desire to demonstrate cost-savings of internal delivery vs external suppliers
  • Manual approval processes managed by email
  • Time-consuming reporting conducted via Excel
  • No consistent workflow

The Solution

An in-house agency operations system to manage the in-take, resourcing, project and budget management for marketing projects across all business lines.

The Benefits

  • An In-house Agency Calculator to measure the savings in hours and dollars of doing work in house versus outsourcing to agencies
  • A new just-in-time approval workflow that involves the right people at the right time
  • One report with up-to-the-minute information has replaced multiple Excel reports
  • Better control over client expectations – a smart workflow has provided clients with greater insight into work-in-progress
  • Direct cost savings – one system has replaced various one-to-one vendor collaboration technologies

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