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“Screendragon gives us the foresight we never had, we can now capacity plan and better align our resourcing to incoming workload” Angela Burton . EVP North American Operations . Geometry

Geometry Global is the world’s largest and most international brand activation and shopper marketing agency. It helps brands thrive in an omni-channel world by changing and shaping people’s behaviour. Geometry Global is a WPP company and is in 56 markets around the world.

The Challenges / Goals

  • Create an integrated agency operations system for all offices and teams in the U.S.
  • Too much admin time required to set-up projects, budgets, tracking etc.
  • Need for better planning and oversight so the organization can become more agile to customer and market changes
  • Make it easier for staff to create quality scopes of work leveraging approved rate cards
  • Help project managers to manage time and costs by giving them real-time data on costs and timeline changes
  • Have a 360 degree view on all resourcing to better understand utilization and forecast capacity bottlenecks

The Solution

Screendragon's agency management solution helps to streamline Geometry’s end-to-end operations – from annual staff planning to budget estimating, project planning, resourcing, creative execution and KPI budget tracking. The solution integrates with WPP’s Single Sign-On, SAP and People Directory systems to ensure that all operations data is integrated and available in the one place.

The Benefits

  • One system to create, manage and deliver programs for all customers
  • Digitizing project set-up has reduced project admin time
  • Offline staff planning process replaced by collaborative workflow and integrated reporting
  • Resource scheduling and utilization data allows for better decision-making on staffing
  • Profitability tracking and forecasting – project and account managers now have the early indicators to prevent cost overruns
  • On-boarding efficiency – systematizing processes has enabled Geometry to speed-up new hire productivity
  • Customer service excellence – all processes have been reviewed and improved for efficiency, quality and compliance

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"Screendragon is an OS designed for creative agencies"

The UX/interface is welcoming to a Creative, and it has all of the tools an agency needs to efficiently operate.

"Screendragon makes it so easy for teams!"

To align on projects, understand resourcing capabilities and financially track progress. The reporting function is also extremely helpful for understanding company needs.

"Screendragon is a gamechanger for us!"

It has provided us with great visibility across the business so now we can see who is working on what and when, easily identify bottlenecks before they become a problem, and we have a better understanding of how to plan effectively for upcoming projects.