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“GHD is a rapidly growing global brand and Screendragon is playing a key role in helping us scale our brand building capabilities across markets quickly and cost effectively” Anthony Davey . CEO . GHD

The Challenges / Goals

  • A digital platform to support rapid brand growth across markets
  • Improve access to key brand equity resources for existing and new staff
  • Better facilitate cross-market collaboration between teams so success stories can be re-applied
  • Support efficient on-boarding of new talent

The Solution

Screendragon’s BrandHub solution perfectly matches the needs of GHD, allowing them to better organize and activate all the great brand content they produce. Capability development can be scaled more effectively with the introduction of a digital platform to support training programs.

The Benefits

  • Simplified scaling of the brand to new markets
  • Easier and faster access to key brand content
  • Less admin burden on the central marketing team as requests for materials are now replaced by self-service
  • Improved idea and asset sharing between markets – saving costs and duplication of efforts
  • Brand governance – having all brand resources version managed in one place helps reduce the risk of old materials being used in the market

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