“When you drive lean processes in marketing in particular, you drive out a ton of waste and free people to do the things they should be doing.” Tony Palmer . President of global brands and innovation Kimberly-Clark Corporation . Adage 07 Nov 2011

The Fridge: One integrated system to manage the planning, execution and delivery of commercial programs for Kimberly Clark brands. A central hub for all collaboration between marketing teams and agency partners including scope of work development and agency performance review collaboration.

The Challenges / Goals

  • New way of working ‘Integrated Commercial Programs’ introduced — there was a need to align all teams on the new process
  • Too many places to collaborate hampering integrated commercial planning
  • Visibility and accountability — desire to implement a more open, collaborative partnership with and between agency partners to drive brand growth
  • Corporate mission to drive leaner, more agile work practices and create an opportunity to cut out waste
  • Centralize exchange and ownership of assets reducing the risk of IP loss
  • Inefficient collaboration with agencies on scopes of work and performance review processes

The Solution

Screendragon was deployed as the single marketing planning, process management and collaboration solution for all brand teams and agency partners totalling over 3000 users. Simple, fast and visually appealing workflows were defined and built for the skills and work behaviours of the marketing and creative professionals.

The Benefits

  • All internal and agency teams on-boarded to new marketing process in 3 months
  • Reduction in travel costs — agency-client meetings moved to online platform
  • Risk management processes greatly improved due to integration of legal compliance checks
  • Improved visibility and accountability for Kimberly-Clark and its partner agencies
  • Scope of work and procurement process made more efficient by centralizing all collaboration on scopes, rates and revisions

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