“Screendragon did not deliver us a solution just to check the boxes for our compliance and legal obligations. Instead they created C3, a solution which enables our growth in a responsible way, mitigating risk and nurturing Kellogg brands. It will be used globally and is the heartbeat of Kellogg’s continued success” Paul Iagnocco . Senior Director Digital Marketing Enablement & Operations . Kellogg

The Challenges / Goals

  • Inefficient ‘offline’ brand compliance review process
  • Reliance on email and excel scattered across teams
  • Poor inefficient manual triage eating up hours
  • Unnecessary face-to-face meetings
  • No centralized repository of data and decisions creating business legal risks

The Solution

A brand guardianship workflow management system automating the review and approval of all company communication assets globally.

The Benefits

  • Weekly legal review meetings reduced by half
  • Faster approval process – smart workflow process guides users on how to prepare a submission
  • Agility – businesses are not dependent on set meeting times, they are able to submit at all times and track in real-time
  • Less rounds of revisions – 95% of communications approved in first round saving agency and legal costs
  • More effective advertising – marketers get feedback earlier in development process allowing them to refine ideas based on organizational intelligence
  • Less escalations to senior leadership
  • Better governance – all submissions, decisions and feedback are captured and archived

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