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The Challenges / Goals

  • Delivering on Kellogg’s mission to grow globally required a channel to accelerate the reapplication of success models across markets
  • Kellogg was acquiring new brands and needed an effective way to on-board new staff to the Kellogg ‘K-Way’ of marketing
  • A SharePoint-like solution had proved inefficient – they needed a solution that was capable of moving beyond sharing content to activating and inspiring a community
  • Need to more closely connect marketing and sales and their respective content so they can form integrated commercial teams

The Solution

Kellogg and Screendragon collaborated closely to create a totally new style of marketing solution. The UX design is visually surprising yet super simple to use. Great marketing content is brought to life across key strategic pillars and career development learning journeys can be easily accessed by staff while at the office or on the move.

The Benefits

  • A solution that engaged Kellogg marketing users allowing fast adoption and usage
  • Better visibility and re-application of work that exists within the organization
  • Faster and more cost effective on-boarding of new hires
  • Acceleration in the deployment of global equity to regions and markets
  • The ‘K-way Marketing Academy’ digitized and centralized for wider access - reducing brand academy training costs
  • Learning mobility - ability to access the portal anywhere at any time using a multitude of on-the-go devices

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