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The Challenges / Goals

  • Unable to accurately forecast resource capacity
  • Lack of visibility on work-in-progress
  • No effective way for resources to log their time
  • Time consuming reporting
  • Delays in getting information to Finance

The Solution

Screendragon MarketingOS configured to focus on delivering a resource management solution that would deliver on the needs of a creative studio with 300+ resources.

The Benefits

  • Can easily forecast resource capacity across departments through a weekly or monthly capacity view
  • Real-time visibility over what resources are working on across multiple departments
  • Better insight on utilization of freelance resources enabling cost savings
  • A desktop and mobile enabled time tracking tool has improved timeliness of timesheet submission
  • Faster one-click reporting on key resourcing metrics including utilization, time sheet submissions and capacity
  • Improved accountability by creating more transparency on KPIs

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