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“Screendragon are a fantastic partner. Our close collaboration has enabled us to deliver one of the biggest and most sophisticated global brand governance solutions in the market today” Nicky Nicolls . President, Latin America . Superunion

The Challenges / Goals

  • Four disconnected systems hampering consistent brand governance
  • Inefficient, inconsistent review processes
  • Need for a single source of truth — one place to go to learn about brands and how to activate them
  • Rapidly changing marketplace — need for a more agile, real-time communication channel
  • Operational efficiency — enable ‘wisdom of the community’ where learnings and resources can be shared and re-applied

The Solution

A single global brand management system for all key brands available in four languages — Spanish, Portuguese, German and English.

The Benefits

  • Simplicity for users — four disparate systems with different logins replaced by one
  • Cost savings achieved by integrating capabilities into one software system
  • Efficiency and cost savings – less rounds of revisions due to workflow automation
  • Faster and more cost-effective brand on-boarding and continuous learning — brand books converted into digitized multimedia playbooks
  • Reduction in legal and specialist resource hours realized by intelligent brand review routing

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