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“We are using Screendragon to measure our speed-to-market. In the long term, we want to utilise the data in Screendragon to identify process inefficiencies and measure the true cost saving of insourcing by assigning the internal team with their daily rate.” James Heimers . CRM Planning and insight . Virgin Atlantic

Founded in 1984, Virgin Atlantic is the UK's second largest carrier, flying from London to many of the world's major cities. Virgin Atlantic (VA) has in recent years set-up an in-house agency to serve the fast-moving needs of the business and is using Screendragon to support their operations. Virgin Atlantic continues to use external marketing partners to support a variety of strategic communications work.

The Challenges / Goals

  • Speed-to-market – VA believed gains could be achieved by having closer collaboration with business requestors and staffing up their in-house agency to handle more work
  • Simplifying execution and analysis – centralizing different data streams to allow for easier insights
  • Create marketing cost savings – by internalizing some marketing activities VA believed they could create cost efficiencies versus relying fully on external vendors

The Solution

Virgin Atlantic partnered with Screendragon to implement its Marketing Project Management solution. Within a couple of weeks, the Out of the Box software was configured for VA’s in-house agency ways of working.

The Benefits

  • Speed of throughput – having the ability to identify inefficiencies has enabled VA to-go-to market faster and continuously improve service levels
  • Customer satisfaction – the service provision provided by VA’s in-house team has achieved great scores
  • Visibility – centralized dashboards for teams have created new levels of transparency and accountability
  • Data capture and learnings – data was scattered across vendors in the past, now more of it is centralized allowing easier analysis
  • Cost savings – the efficiency of VA’s in-house operations has creating cost savings that are being re-invested in the business

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