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G2 - Top 50 Promo - Feb 22

Welcome to our G2 explainer blog for Screendragon. There have been several G2 achievements and accolades received over the last couple of years, so we felt it was time we summarized our accomplishments and recent awards!

Read on to see what solution areas our product has performed highly in, how we achieved our rankings and awards, and what this means in simple terms.

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1. Introduction to G2

2. G2 Awards & Badges

3. G2 Comparison Report

4. See why Screendragon outperform the competition on G2

Latest News

February 2022

We’re delighted to reveal that Screendragon has ranked among the Top 50 software products in the Project Management and Content Management categories on G2! Considering there are 110,000 software products reviewed on G2 we are proud to feature at #25 for Project Management and #36 for Content Management.

Thank you to our customers and partners that have helped us fly up the rankings – it’s onwards and upwards for Screendragon!

G2 - Top 50 - Website Snippet

1. Introduction to G2

1a. Who are G2?

G2 - Laptop Image - Orange

G2 is a peer review website that scores software products and vendors based on reviews gathered via the G2 user online community, in addition to data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Buyers trust G2 as vendor reviews are unfiltered, unbiased, and every review and reviewer is validated by G2.

1b. What vendors feature on G2?

Any vendor can feature on G2 but only the leading players in the industry feature in G2 grids, reports, and awards. Screendragon features in several highly competitive solution categories on G2; Work Management, Resource Management, Marketing Resource Management, Digital Asset Management, Online Proofing, and Professional Services Automation. Some of these categories have over 100 vendors competing so it’s important to stand out from the crowd!

G2 - Comparison Table - Ease

Image: G2 vendor comparison table featuring Screendragon, Adobe Workfront, Wrike, Mavenlink, and Clarizen. I think it’s fair to say that Screendragon simplifies everything!

1c. How are vendors ranked on G2?

G2 use a comprehensive list of scoring methodologies across usability, satisfaction, relationship, implementation, and product suite. Those vendors that score highly in these categories can obtain high performer awards (see 2a) and badges of excellence (see 2b). G2’s market presence ranking is not influenced by review performance and is based on criterion such as employee headcount, social presence among others.

G2 - Winter 22 - PSA Grid

Above: G2 Professional Services Automation Enterprise Grid® – Screendragon are the highest performer (furthest to the right)!

2. G2 Awards & Badges

2a. G2 High Performer Categories

Screendragon are proud to have received High Performer awards in all of the following categories. Our website does not exaggerate when we proclaim to be an ‘end-to-end’ work management and creative operations solution!

Work Management

G2’s work management category focuses on gains in productivity, collaboration, resource optimization, and remote work management. Screendragon’s automated workflows, AI assisted resourcing and forecasting, and advanced budget management help companies to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve speed-to-market! Our functionality spans in-depth workflow customization, with intelligent form structures and tasks, to a robust reporting module and easy to use administrative tools.

G2 Quotes 1 - High Performer - Work Management

Marketing Resource Management

Screendragon’s resource management module is fully integrated with our marketing project management software so marketing leaders get a complete up-to-date helicopter view of what their team is working on and what the timelines are. Screendragon’s heatmap capacity view offers managers insight into opportunities for new work and constraints for upcoming projects.

Resource Management

G2 describes resource management as ‘software that tracks, schedules, and optimizes human and material resources required for project management’. Screendragon’s resource management functionalities are wide-ranging and help teams from a variety of backgrounds meet their goals. Screendragon’s resourcing capabilities that prove most popular are the real time resource calendar, drag ‘n’ drop scheduling, AI assisted talent profile utilization, and pipeline and capacity planning.

G2 Quotes 1 - High Performer - Resource Management

Digital Asset Management

While Screendragon may not have all the features of a traditional DAM vendor, it does possess all of the key capabilities that most customers need to store, share, tag and organize digital assets. It’s powerful DAM functionality is used by clients to create brand libraries, use meta tagging, build training knowledge bases, and share content with colleagues and partners.

Professional Services Automation

It’s vitally important that professional services teams prevent projects running over time or they will inevitably over-service clients or miss key deadlines. Screendragon’s budget management offers professional estimates so your company can accurately bill and estimate for clients. Scopes can be integrated into pipeline planning to forecast revenues and resourcing requirements so that you always know if a project is feasible (or financially viable). The real-time budget summary shows actuals vs estimates, timesheets, and whatever additional custom financial data your professional services team needs.

2b. G2 Badges of Excellence

While G2 ‘High Performer’ awards focus on product performance and accomplishment, badges of excellence are awarded for top class service and implementation. You have read why our product is so highly rated, it’s now time to see why our team is world class!

Best Meets Requirements / Easiest to do Business With

Screendragon offers a vast array of capabilities (see our High Performer awards) which means we tick all the boxes for most buyers. While Screendragon is a flexible product with powerful configuration capabilities, we never expect prospects or clients to work things out for themselves. Each client is assigned a solution expert whose primary role is to listen to the client’s needs and ensure that Screendragon fits perfectly for your business.

G2 Quotes 1 - Best Meets Requirements

Best Support

Screendragon is a unique player in the work and creative management segment as most of our staff are customer service focused. We have a dedicated team of project managers, business consultants, and configuration specialists that work with clients on a regular basis to maximize the value of Screendragon and optimize its performance. If you ever encounter a roadblock within the system (and we’d like to think you won’t!) you will not have to wait in line or go through red tape to reach our support team. We are on hand when you need us.

Best Relationship

At Screendragon, we put immense value on customer support (see our award above!). When clients choose to work with Screendragon it is the beginning of a prosperous relationship for both parties, in contrast to the seductive sell and swerve philosophy of some companies. Our greatest asset in Screendragon is our people and this resonates strongly in client feedback. We go to the nth degree to make sure our solution works brilliantly for your company, and as a result, our clients tend to put great trust and value in our service.

G2 Quotes 1 - Best Relationship

Easiest Setup

Adoption rates are greatly affected by onboarding time and user experience. As outlined in our awards for ‘Best Support’ and ‘Easiest to do Business With’ we guarantee a smooth transition for new clients. Our implementation competencies are not exclusive to our highly acclaimed solutions experts though, our product is built to be fit for purpose which means adoption time is quick and implementation is pain-free. Our user-friendly UI and agile software are very intuitive, so it never takes long to start seeing the benefits of the system!

Users Love Us & Most Likely To Recommend

Based on everything we said above, it might be clearer why more and more companies are choosing Screendragon to manage their work and creative operations. Our passion for design, client first approach, easy implementation, and cutting-edge technology are transforming operations at Fortune 500 companies and Global Agencies and our clients love us for it!

G2 Quotes 1 - Users Love Us

3. G2 Vendor Comparison Report

We have effused Screendragon’s capabilities in our awards and badges summary above – but how do we stack up against the competition? Our G2 comparison report compares the top players in the industry across key product and service indicators. You can download it for free below!

G2 Comparison Report - Download

4. See why Screendragon outperform the competition on G2

We hope you’ve seen enough to justify learning more about Screendragon. If you want to see why our product scores so highly on G2 and other review websites then why not see the real thing in action? You can schedule a short product introduction with one of our solution experts below. Tell us what you’re interested in seeing or what you need and we’ll show you how Screendragon is a perfect fit!

G2 - Screendragon Key Scores

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