The Screendragon + Microsoft Teams integration enables better collaboration across teams.

Stay informed

Keep everyone up-to-date on the latest project milestones with real-time notifications on channels in MS Teams.

Collaborate better

Make it easier to collaborate and communicate by sharing task and project updates on MS Teams.

Respond quickly

Identify any bottlenecks before they become a problem and respond promptly to project changes.

Accomplish more by connecting Screendragon with MS Teams

Seamlessly connect Screendragon projects to selected MS Teams channels for powerful collaboration.

Automatically send notifications to the MS Teams channel of your choice. Choose between a range of Screendragon events including new comments, project updates, task updates and workflow triggers.

Customize your alerts in Screendragon and get full control over how they appear on MS Teams.

David Clayton

“The highly configurable nature of Screendragon makes it easy to prototype and test ideas…We can easily integrate our own tools and processes, using Screendragon as the central hub to unify our workflows and production processes.”
David Clayton, Technology Strategy Partner, Code Worldwide

How to Connect Screendragon with Microsoft Teams

1. Generate a webhook url in MS Teams. Please follow the instructions here on how to generate a webhook url in MS Teams.

2. Log into Screendragon and navigate to Admin Tools.

3.  Open the Integration Manager and add the webhook generated in MS Teams from Step 1.

4.  Choose your event to fire the webhook and build a body/message using the available tags.

5. Click save and your webhook will now push notifications to MS Teams for your chosen events.

For a complete guide on our Integration Manager & how to configure a MS Teams webhook visit here.

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