The Screendragon + Power BI integration enables greater visibility into project performance. Connect all data sources in one place and create insightful dashboards to enable better decision making.

Enhanced visibility

Get real-time insights into project activity and spend.

Unify data

Connect all your data sources in one place for a single source of truth.

Make informed decisions

Easily track and analyse key metrics, identify bottlenecks fast.

Get greater insight by connecting Screendragon with Power BI

Create visual dashboards that incorporate Screendragon data and data from other sources.

Access all Screendragon data including requests, project activity, projects costs and more.

Share dashboards with internal and external stakeholders using Screendragon’s advanced permissions.

David Clayton

“The highly configurable nature of Screendragon makes it easy to prototype and test ideas…We can easily integrate our own tools and processes, using Screendragon as the central hub to unify our workflows and production processes.”
David Clayton, Technology Strategy Partner, Code Worldwide

How to connect Screendragon with Power BI

1. Log into Screendragon and navigate to Admin Tools.

2. Open the Connection Manager and select "Create New".

3.  Choose "Power BI" as your Connection Type.

4.  Enter a Title and Description so the connector can be referenced later.

5. Please follow the instructions here to generate the tokens and key required to complete the configuration. You may need to contact your admin to complete this task. We recommend the Service Principal authentication method. Select save after completion.

6. Within the Admin Tools navigate to the Application Manager Admin Module.

7. Select "Add New" -> "Add Application" and choose "Power BI Embed" as your Application Type.

8. Under the Power BI Setting choose the Power BI Connector previously created and select save.

9. Your Power BI report is now available from the main site navigation.

For the complete guide on how to connect Screendragon and Power BI click here.

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