Screendragon & IPG

A strategic software partner for IPG agencies worldwide


What is Screendragon?

A fully integrated agency operations solution used to speed-up creative delivery, reduce costs & improve collaboration.

Manage projects, processes, people & budgets in one place.
Configure the solution to suit your agency's way of working.
Designed with creatives in mind – a custom branded UX
Integrate with 1000's of apps and platforms
A specialist service provider for agencies with 15+ years' experience
Loved and trusted by IPG agencies like McCann Worldgroup

Erika K.
Director of Creative Operations at MURAL
Screendragon is GREAT!
"The tool can do whatever you need it to do; they built custom workflows, approval processes, resource management, DAM solution, literally anything you need. They will work with you to make it happen; the teams are easy to work with, their customer service is excellent and FUN!"
Jillian U.
Flexible, amazing platform, easy to work with
""I like how Screendragon customizes its platform to meet its client's exact needs. They don't shy away from a challenge and work until their client is happy with the end result. Their platform looks great and is incredibly useful. It will save my team so much time and has set a new standard for work and organization."
Administrator in Marketing and Advertising
Great all in one scoping, pricing, project management, library and project finance review system
"Really helpful implementation and support team, and the system is fairly flexible to meet our individual needs rather than just being off-the-shelf. Screendragon has allowed us to better understand our servicing and better manage people resources."
Caitlin F.
Senior Manager, Creative Operations at Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.
Gamechanger for us!
"Screendragon has allowed us to bring method to the madness by simplifying, streamlining and systemetizing creative workflows. As our company grows, it has become increasingly important to take all project-related info and communication out of emails and into Screendragon. It has been a gamechanger for us."


1. Discounted volume pricing for IPG Agencies.

2. Security validated by IPG IT security.

3. Fast track implementation process with dedicated Screendragon IPG team.

4. IPG key application integrations - Single Sign Om, Peoplesoft, MS Dynamics...

5. IPG customized on-boarding support package.

5-Star Customer Rating

How does Screendragon compare?

G2 Current Satisfaction Ratings:

Ease of Use 9.1 7.9 8.4 8.1
Ease of Admin
8.0 8.6 8.3
Ease of Setup 7.9 7.0 8.5 7.8
Quality of Support 9.5 8.2 8.5 8.4
Meets Requirements 9.2 8.5 8.6 8.5
Ease of doing business with 9.8 8.5 8.7 8.4
Product Direction (% Positive) 10 8.1 8.0 8.3

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See why Fortune 500 companies and global agency groups use Screendragon.

"Screendragon is an OS designed for creative agencies"

The UX/interface is welcoming to a Creative, and it has all of the tools an agency needs to efficiently operate.

"Screendragon makes it so easy for teams!"

To align on projects, understand resourcing capabilities and financially track progress. The reporting function is also extremely helpful for understanding company needs.

"Screendragon is a gamechanger for us!"

It has provided us with great visibility across the business so now we can see who is working on what and when, easily identify bottlenecks before they become a problem, and we have a better understanding of how to plan effectively for upcoming projects.