Credera + Screendragon

A marketing transformation partnership.

This partnership between Credera and Screendragon helps Credera clients achieve better marketing outcomes through increased efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.

Screendragon's award winning technology, combined with Credera's expertise in change management and program management empowers clients to achieve modern marketing transformation.

Press Release (February 2023)

Read our partnership announcement to learn more about this exciting strategic alliance.

Contact Partnerships Team

If you want to know more about Screendragon and Credera's partnership and how it can benefit your organization, then please contact the Screendragon partnerships team via email at

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"Credera is uniquely positioned to maximize Screendragon’s impact through its relationships with chief marketing officers and chief information officers and Credera’s renowned expertise in marketing technology implementation."

Josh Nicholson  - Managing Director and Head of MarTech & Marketing Transformation at Credera UK

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"With Credera’s vast experience in MarTech implementation and their proven change management capability, we’re excited about the impact that Screendragon and Credera’s partnership will have on Screendragon and Credera clients."

Fergus Ashe - Chief Commercial Officer at Screendragon