Resources for Remote Working

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how to set up a remote team effectively.

Digitally transform your company with marketing planning, project management, creative collaboration, and compliance!

A marketing industry survey examining how work has changed in the areas of collaboration, creativity, and project management.

Our 'Ways of Working 2020' report is now available to download below!

How has work changed in 2020?
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A recent report from Forrester titled 'Returning To Work: How To Prepare For Pandemic Recovery' explored how companies can reignite their office when things return to 'normal'. Here is Screendragon's work management view on Forrester's report.

Before creating or enhancing a culture of remote work, you can create a remote working environment by enabling real time collaboration, easy file sharing and clear visibility over work and timelines.



Screendragon CEO, Jan Quant, recently chatted with digital magazine SuperbCrew about how Screendragon are keeping everything moving forward despite everyone working from home.

Freelancer Management


Hiring freelancers can be a wise investment but can produce common challenges around on-boarding, communication, and company policy. Find out how to effectively onboard freelancers in this webinar.


Avoiding Project Management Tool Overload
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Remote Work Solutions

Are you looking to transform operations for your remote team? Need to manage work across many locations and roles? Screendragon software is a robust solution for managing work and improving project performance. If you can spare 20 minutes then sign up for a quick tour of our technology below!