Agency Global Brand Teams

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Collaborate as one team

Break down organizational silos and geographic borders by creating one virtual hub open for all team members – global, regional and local.


Behave as one

Use technology to encourage alignment around standardized ways of working. We’ll get you all speaking the same language quickly.

Simplify for the client

They have selected your agency to do great work with as little complexity as possible. Use technology to make their lives easier and you will be rewarded.


Scale and cascade

Support the flow of ideas and content from top down and bottom up. Don’t rely on emails and share drives to showcase great work.

Enhanced brand governance

Leverage brand guardianship workflows to help govern brand compliance and avoid costly mistakes.


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More real-time visibility

Generate new levels of visibility and reduce activity reporting efforts across markets by automating the data coming from local, regional and international markets.

Brand on-boarding

Brand academy capabilities allow global brand teams to organize and share brand learning content so new team members can quickly get up to speed on core brand knowledge.