Agency Leadership

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Maximize your talent pool

Screendragon provides visibility on all your resources – what their utilization is, when they are available and more. Use the smart scheduling features to better plan your people.


Scale the agency

At a certain stage, you need structure to help you scale without imploding. Screendragon provides you with the operational muscle to grow healthily.

Estimate better

Provide a framework to support an easier, more accurate and consistent method of creating scopes - use client role rate cards or fixed deliverable rate cards.


Manage new business pipeline

Know and capture what’s in the pipeline. Scorecard opportunities enable the sales teams to collaborate and share sales content. Link sales efforts to revenue forecasting.

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Manage budgets and profits

Measure performance and introduce a more collaborative scope of work management process with partners.


Grow revenues

Clients want partners to simplify how they work together. Screendragon is at the forefront of agency operational excellence. We can help you retain and win new customers.

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