Agency Resource Solution

Easily schedule, track and plan with our seamlessly integrated agency resource solution.

A real-time central resource calendar

Automatically connect all your teams project resource plans in one central resourcing calendar — have a total oversight of who is doing what — across roles, departments and offices.


Simpler resource scheduling

Drag and drop assignments to staff and freelancers – easily switch assignments between users or extend assignment duration by dragging across calendar entries.

Auto-calculate utilization

Achieve a better balancing of workload across staff. The visual dashboards in our agency resource solution highlight where the opportunities and challenges are in real-time.

"We are a big organization, yet, Screendragon is enabling us to be a lot more nimble, allowing us to be even better partners to our clients."
Angela Burton
EVP, North American Operations Geometry Global

Maximize your talent pool

Leverage user profile data to find staff with the right skills and experience to match incoming and current projects.

Capacity plan

Predict future resourcing needs by integrating your new business pipeline data and confirmed project resource commitments into one combined forward looking resourcing dashboard.


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Intelligent time tracking

Make it easier for staff to submit timesheets accurately and on-time. Screendragon can pre-populate timesheets with an individual’s personalized resource schedule. And a mobile app allows for timesheeting wherever, whenever.

Manage holidays and leave better

Unite vacation and company holiday data with your project resource scheduling so you can have complete visibility on availability.


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"Screendragon is an OS designed for creative agencies"

The UX/interface is welcoming to a Creative, and it has all of the tools an agency needs to efficiently operate.

"Screendragon makes it so easy for teams!"

To align on projects, understand resourcing capabilities and financially track progress. The reporting function is also extremely helpful for understanding company needs.

"Screendragon is a gamechanger for us!"

It has provided us with great visibility across the business so now we can see who is working on what and when, easily identify bottlenecks before they become a problem, and we have a better understanding of how to plan effectively for upcoming projects.