Build Brand/Marketing Academy to Scale Capabilities

A platform to scale and grow your brands and talent

In order to scale brands successfully, you need to be able to efficiently align resources on key brand DNA, quickly and easily share content for use in the market, and most importantly, educate teams on the ‘HOW’ – how does your brand engage with customers and how to replicate success stories in the market.

Easily share and activate brand content

Don’t let critical brand DNA assets become shelfware content – activate it so it can become more accessible and contextual in an online platform.


Brand learning bites

No long pdfs, docs or videos. With more than 15 years of experience creating brand solutions, Screendragon knows how to organize and curate content for marketers.

Creative libraries

Showcase your best brand executions in multimedia libraries and make them available across markets and partners.


Learning journeys

Personalize and package content for the needs of your users. Support remote learning and continuous development by making your training content more accessible.

Brand governance

Empower teams to move fast and safely. Content workflows ensure that the final approved assets get stored and shared, and that content assets get automatically blocked for use when rights expire.


Build a brand community

Integrate discussion and ideation to encourage sharing across teams and offices.

Integrate discussion and ideation to encourage sharing across teams and offices.

  • Align the organization on brand strategies
  • Centralize assets in one place
  • Reduce reliance on central brand team
  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Increase productivity
  • Better brand governance reducing brand risks
  • Reduce costs as a direct result of reduction in creative rounds of revisions


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