The Chief Marketing Officer

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Reduce inefficiency and complexity

Eliminate scatter and have one place to review your marketing plans, work-in-development, resourcing and budgets.


Marketing playbooks to scale your brands

Align everyone on ‘ways of working’ so you all can move faster as a collaborative team.

Digital transformation

Lead by example, leverage digital technologies to help drive faster and more agile paths to market.


Portfolio balancing and capacity planning

Align resource efforts with strategic priorities.

Vendor management

Measure performance and introduce a more collaborative scope of work management process with partners.


Budget management

Track how budget is being allocated, where cost overruns are happening. Introduce reason codes for changes and business case substantiation.

Brand governance

Put in place workflow guardrails that allow your brand teams to move fast within a well governed framework. Save costs by implementing smarter ways of working with legal resources.


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