Advertising Claims Management

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Managing the development of product claims and collaborating with colleagues and partners inside and outside the organization is key to successful product innovation. Using the wrong tools can seriously impact speed to market and the innovation pipeline. Too many businesses rely on Excel and Email but these were not designed for the type of collaboration required to develop claims in an efficient and well governed manner.

A centralized repository and workflow solution

Stop scattering data in spreadsheets and emails. Capture ideas, discussions and decisions between R&D, Marketing, Legal in one searchable and reportable repository.


Boost productivity

Developing claims involves collaborating with many of your top talent whose time is precious. Don’t waste time sifting through spreadsheet rows or wondering about versions.

Support easier ‘just-in-time’ collaboration

Email chains destroy time. Leverage a smart collaborative workflow to ensure that the right people are pulled in, at the right time to take action. Don’t involve them, if they are not needed.


Visibility on work in progress

Enable your IP knowledge to be more accessible, more easily. Systematizing claims data allows dashboards to be automatically made available to different stakeholders with the visibility they need.


Govern your collaboration process in a clear and consistent way by implementing a RACI model in the workflow.



Automatically capture all decisions and user interactions with time and date stamps.

Search and report

Quickly retrieve reports across brands, products, markets and all other product data captured in the system.