Creative Services Management and In-house Agency

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Efficient work intake process

Struggling to manage work requests in email and spreadsheets? We can save you hours of unproductive time with smart workflow requests.


Better briefs

Introduce digital briefs that intelligently guide users on what they need to fill out and what they don't. Win time and focus back.

Accelerate speed to market

Create project templates with your workflows, business rules and timelines pre-populated so your projects get a kick-start.


Reduce rounds of revisions

Cut unnecessary extra costs by giving client and agency teams better tools to communicate feedback and make decisions.

Boost accountability internally and externally

All work activities are tracked and audited, creating transparency and helping everyone focus on their part of the process.


Forecast better with capacity planning

Integrates your work request process with resourcing and capacity data to give you insights on how much work you can take on and where the bottlenecks are.

Smarter resource scheduling

Dump the excel sheets. Leverage a real-time online calendar with staff data and availability built-in. Auto populate staff plans and drag and drop to adjust schedules as things change.


Better control of time and budgets

Track budgets against scopes. Finance dashboards provide real-time data on budgeted costs vs planned costs vs actual costs.

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