The Global Brand Directors and Managers

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

One hub for all brand content

Have one single source of truth and stop the scatter of assets across ftp, drives and emails.


Scale seamlessly

Simplify collaboration across markets and partners by leveraging a Cloud solution to cross borders and firewalls.

A brand playbook

Engage your community with your brand DNA essentials so everyone gets aligned on purpose – the WHO, WHY, WHAT and HOW.


Boost on-brand compliance

Introduce brand guardianship workflows to help get content reviewed by the right people before it goes live.

Reduce re-work and wasted costs

Using notifications and search helps users discover existing content and makes it easy for them to pick-up and re-use.


Fast on-boarding and online learning

Create a brand academy to facilitate quick and on-going learning in the office and while on the move.