Manage Work Requests

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

One place to manage all requests

A single hub to efficiently manage all incoming work requests. Don’t waste time and lose track by having to jump between email, spreadsheets and other tools. Screendragon’s visual dashboards give you full visibility on all activity


Smart forms

What slows down request processes the most? Having to send back requests due to in-complete or in-correct information. Screendragon’s form technology solves this by intelligently guiding the user on what needs to be filled out. Save requestor’s time by only showing them what needs to be filled out based on their inputs.

Dynamic triage

Wouldn’t it be great if the data filled into a form automatically pulled in the right project approvers and specialist reviewers automatically. Screendragon is creating huge efficiency gains for customers and enabling better compliance by automatically routing requests to users and groups based on inputs.


Change behaviours with business rules

What if your request form and process was smart enough to know the lead-times of the different type of projects you do. So, if someone requested a project to be delivered in 50% of the time it normally takes, the system would advise the user that this is non-standard and that they should either change their desired date or allow for extra project costs due to ‘rush’ costs. Screendragon applies this intelligent mentoring automation to transform how work gets done.

Portfolio and resource planning

A request in Screendragon does not live in isolation. It can be fully connected to your forward planning processes. Use simple to use tools to forecast what impact your requested workload will have on resourcing and company finances.


Reporting and analytics

Achieve new level of insights on your workload intake. Get fast and easy reports on requests by type, source and time period. Do deeper level analysis by getting data back on speed of approval, revision cycles and much more.

Collaboration tools

Collaborate on work requests with colleagues or external users in real-time. Use @mentions and status notifications to keep everyone informed on progress.


Auditable logs

Capture all activity around requests with date and time stamps. Easily search all past requests for legal reporting purposes.