New Business Development

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Integrate the new business pipeline

Sales activities should not live in isolation from the rest of the business. Integrate your pipeline with existing work to analyze workload capacity and revenue forecasting based on sales opportunities.


Build scopes of work

Empower your sales team to prepare accurate, consistent, high quality quotations based off digital scope and budgeting tools.

Reduce the admin burden

Prevent errors and time wasting. Store customer rate cards and apply them flexibly using role and deliverable item rate cards. Export quotations for fast and easy sharing with clients.


Strengthen governance and accountability

Get sign-offs before offers go out the door. Screendragon smart workflows ensure that proposals are routed to the right people for approval before hitting client desks.

Capacity planning insights

Scenario plan for on-boarding new business. Screendragon allows you to forecast role and resource utilization based on new business wins.


Revenue forecasting and reporting dashboards

Online dashboards, scorecards and reports allow teams to track opportunities, forecast revenue and prioritize efforts.

Pitch collaboration

Successfully winning new business is a team effort. Screendragon provides all the collaboration tools required to support multi-functional, multi-office collaboration.