New Product Development

Bring new products and services to market more timely and cost effectively.

Multi-functional collaboration

Functional silos kill innovation. Have one place to collaborate throughout the development life-cycle.


Align on process

Simplify understanding of your NPD process(es). In Screendragon you can templatize all the steps and responsibilities in your workflow. Be it linear stage gates or agile methodologies, Screendragon helps visualize your workflow so everyone knows where they are and who needs to do what.

Portfolio planning

Provide strategic oversight portfolio dashboards and alignment to business goals. Aggregate key KPI data on a portfolio level to understand sequencing and mix.


RACI and governance controls

Flexibly apply governance controls into the process so team members understand their accountability. Digital approvals and audit logs ensure that everything is captured and compliance officers are kept happy.

Manage timelines

Visualize timelines in online gantt charts. Use critical path planning and dependencies to assess the impact of schedule changes on final delivery dates.


Request management

No organization has the capacity to implement all ideas that come in. In Screendragon, the request process including business case substantiation, can be systematized helping standardize the process for all and manage expectations.

Capacity planning

Better understand what is achievable based on resourcing levels. Provide clear data to management on capacity so decisions can be taken on staffing levels.


Budget and cost tracking

Track and update program budgets based on staffing and material costings.

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