Vendor Management / Procurement

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Professionalize scope of work management

Managing scopes of works involving multiple vendors across different brands and territories is complex. Working in Excel is time consuming and prone to error. Discover a better approach.


Enable closer collaboration

Involve your partners in building scopes based off brand plans. Empower them to safely update data in the system. Perform reviews and approvals in one secure location.

Financial stewardship

PO creation, goods receipt acknowledgements and invoice tracking – coordinating these activities is challenging. A well governed SOW management system can automate much of this, saving your business money and lots of manual admin time.


Flexible work structures

Manage different partner agreements in the one system. Create and manage staffing plans based on rate cards for resources, roles and deliverables. Flexibly structure them by project type, agency, location and more.

Auditable updates and approval processes

No more searching emails. All key data updates and decisions are captured centrally with username and date timestamping.


Evaluate agency performance

Simplify the evaluation process. Leverage online survey workflows which gather inputs and enable scoring and commentary to be consolidated for faster and simpler performance reporting.