Professional Services Automation to Maximize Profits

Manage projects, resources, time and expenses all in one place with Screendragon.


Estimate with Confidence

Digitize your scoping processes empowering customer facing resources to create high quality, accurate estimates. Manage all types of pricing models centrally so projects are costed using the latest rates. Built-in approval workflows ensure sign-off governance.

Improve Resource Utilization

Boost productivity by matching the right staff to the right projects. Visual dashboards help quickly and easily identify who is available. ‘Drag n Drop’ assignments to resources and forecast future needs by overlaying pipeline resource needs with current commitments.

Intuitive Project Management

Screendragon’s automation engine can create a complete project environment ready for kick-off complete with pre-populated timelines, budget plan, resourcing and document structures. Our best-in-class UX supports all project types and methodologies. Also, you can leverage project templates to speed up project initiation.

5-Star Customer Rating
5-Star Customer Rating

Opportunity Management

Manage your pipeline process the way you want to. With Screendragon’s workflow builder you can adjust the process for exactly your needs. Automated approval routings and alerts ensure the right people get involved at the right time. Excellent cross-functional collaboration will boost your chances of success.

Portfolio & KPI Reporting

Dramatically reduce time spent on status reporting. Screendragon automatically prepares all the key data for you. Create your own personalized portfolio views with key KPI project data and schedule reports to be emailed to key stakeholders at specific dates and times.

Easy Adoption

Change Management is always a challenge. Why make it harder to achieve by rolling out a complex system? Screendragon’s UX is renowned in the industry and has been continuously improved over 10+ years working with pioneering organizations such as BP, Kellogg, Kimberly Clark and many more.

Simplifying the delivery of Integrated Commercial Programs at Kimberly-Clark.

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Work the way you want to with Screendragon. Integrate with 1000’s of apps including Office365, Google Drive, SAP, PeopleSoft, MS Dynamics and many more.

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Why do you need PSA software?

Professional services can no longer manage clients and projects in outdated systems and spreadsheets. Find out how Professional Services Automation can help you improve client services, manage projects more efficiently and boost your bottom line!

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See why Fortune 500 companies and global agency groups use Screendragon.

"Screendragon is an OS designed for creative agencies"

The UX/interface is welcoming to a Creative, and it has all of the tools an agency needs to efficiently operate.

"Screendragon makes it so easy for teams!"

To align on projects, understand resourcing capabilities and financially track progress. The reporting function is also extremely helpful for understanding company needs.

"Screendragon is a gamechanger for us!"

It has provided us with great visibility across the business so now we can see who is working on what and when, easily identify bottlenecks before they become a problem, and we have a better understanding of how to plan effectively for upcoming projects.