Real-time Visibility of Resourcing

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Real-time resource calendar

Have complete, instant oversight of all resources and how they are allocated across projects.


Drag 'n' Drop scheduling

Simply drag and drop resources to adjust schedules. System notifications will inform you of conflicts and issues.

A Powerful Resource Management Platform

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Build the perfect team with talent profiles

Quickly find resources with specific skill-sets and availability to work on customer projects. Using Screendragon’s talent profiles you’ll be able to easily select the best team for the job wherever they may be located.


Utilization tracking that will boost productivity

Is managing resources in Excel killing you! Screendragon will simplify the life of a resource manager hugely. It will do the number crunching for you and present you with visual dashboards showing how you are using available hours at a role, department, office and individual level. You’ll be better able to plan workload across teams and improve productivity for everyone.

"We are a big organization, yet, Screendragon is enabling us to be a lot more nimble, allowing us to be even better partners to our clients."
Angela Burton
EVP, North American Operations Geometry Global

Pipelines and capacity planning

In Screendragon you can connect your pipeline of potential work to your resource calendar allowing you to scenario plan based on business opportunities. Understand which departments, roles or individuals may be most impacted.


Personalized ‘My Jobs’ dashboard

Give your staff a simple visual calendar informing them of their project assignments. Enable them to interact with the calendar to get more briefing info. Optionally connect all planned assignments with the users personalized timesheet to enable easier and quicker time entry.

Holidays and PTO

Easily integrate your company holidays and staff vacation leave into the resourcing calendar so you have complete visibility on availability.


Resourcing analytics and reports

A powerful reporting tool enables users with special permissions to run reports on all staffing data including billability, utilization, profitability, talent data and more.


Resource forecasting

Also, Screendragon's capacity dashboard helps you to easily predict future resourcing needs and spot bottlnecks before they become an issue.

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