Build Scopes of Work and Manage Budgets

There is nothing more important to a business than ensuring they are managing their commercial relationships well – estimating accurately and consistently, obtaining timely approvals and tracking progress against estimates, billed and remaining budgets.

Build scopes with staff and deliverable rate cards

Reduce the admin burden on staff by helping them create consistent and accurate scopes of work. Digitize rate cards utilizing different rate card type templates.


Efficient collaborative workflow

Managing scopes and budgets across multiple brands and agency partners is a time intensive process. Screendragon’s collaborative technology helps make the process more efficient. Create business rules for scope management and involve all internal and external stakeholders in the review and approval cycle. Enable them to make updates and decisions in real-time.

Organize for your or your clients way of working

Whether you manage budgets at a program, project, deliverable, tactic, job level it doesn’t matter. You can hook up budgets into scopes as you wish in Screendragon.


Maximise ROI

Achieve a greater level of control and visibility of scopes and work completion status. Automate notifications of billing and PO milestones.

Analytic tools

Business dashboards and system reports enable you to easily view how budgets are being used across brands, products, markets, channels and agencies.


Automate quotations

Create professional document outputs dynamically pulling in staffing and/or deliverable costings.