Manage Staff Time off and Time Tracking

What goals can Screendragon help you achieve?

Track time from anywhere

Track time from any device in and out of the office. Proven to improve time entry punctuality and helping the business get bills out on time.


Intuitive design driving high adoption

Simplify time-entry by applying the KISS principle.

Speed time-entry

Connect a user’s timesheet to their job assignments in Screendragon. With all their jobs pre-populated and ready for time-entry, you'll create a win-win for users and the finance department.


Configurable approval workflows

In Screendragon you decide how and who approves timesheets. It’s easy to apply your own process and rules.

Real-time project budget management

Screendragon is a totally integrated system so when timesheets are filled in by users, this data feeds through to the budget module of each project. Project Managers now know how much budget is burned against the original estimate.


Improve accountability

Run reports in an instant to identify what percentage of staff have submitted their timesheets, what timesheets have been approved by management as well as other key metrics.