Marketing Project Management Software to Boost Performance 

Get campaigns and content to market faster with Screendragon's powerful marketing project management software

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One integrated platform

Manage and track your entire marketing operations – projects, content, processes, people and budgets – with Screendragon's marketing project management software.

Marketing planning calendar

Screendragon's Marketing Calendar is marketing project management made easy. Get a helicopter view of all marketing activities and stay aligned on business objectives.

Content production workflows

Streamline your content lifecycle to produce more quality content faster. Plan, review, approve and deliver content with Screendragon's marketing project management solution.

Resource schedulling and forecasting

Easily assign the right resources to marketing projects based on their availability and skill set. Forecast resource capacity to plan better for future projects.

Budget management and reporting

Track how your marketing budget is being allocated and where cost overruns are happening in real-time. Use Screendragon's reporting functionality to get the insights you need fast.

What our customers have to say:

"Screendragon is a huge boost to our ability to get our products to customers accurately and efficiently..."
Larry Bruck, SVP Global Marketing, Kellogg 
"We are using Screendragon to measure our speed-to-market. In the long term, we want to utilise the data in Screendragon to identify process inefficiencies and measure the true cost saving of insourcing."
James Heimers, Manager, CRM Planning and insight, Virgin Atlantic
"Ease of configuration and time to market from requirements to end supports agile development very well."
Harold Albuquerque, Global Portfolio Manager, BP 

Visual insights at a glance

In marketing, you need to be able to make smart decisions fast. This is where Screendragon's marketing project management software comes into play. With MarketingOS you can see the status of all projects across the company in one visual dashboard. Filters will enable you to dive deeper and to see the status by departments, project types and a lot more too. 


Your content production powerhouse

The race to get more content produced faster and for less cost is very much evident in today's competitive marketing landscape. An ineffective content production workflow can result in either producing sub-standard content or not enough content to meet the demand.

MarketingOS helps to streamline the entire content production workflow, from planning to production and publication. Our smart creative briefs, automated workflows and real-time collaboration capabilities, work together to ensure everyone on the team is aligned and working efficiently. Rounds of revisions and duplication of efforts are a thing of the past.





"We are using Screendragon to measure our speed-to-market. In the long term, we want to utilise the data in Screendragon to identify process inefficiencies and measure the true cost saving of insourcing by assigning the internal team with their daily rate.”

Creative briefs to speed up delivery

Creative briefs have a powerful part to play in the successful execution of marketing work. If not done right or effectively, they can trigger serious obstacles further down the path.

Our digital briefs guide users on exactly what they need to fill out and when. For example, if your project deliverable is a social media banner, our brief will be able to provide the right size specifications for it based on the social media channel. There is little room for error with our smart briefs, no information is missing in the final submission and there's a clear record of all activity.


Marketing planning calendar

360 degree visibility is required for any high-performing marketing department today.

Screendragon’s Marketing Planning Calendar offers a central hub to provide everyone in your organization with visibility on what campaigns are planned, in progress and live. The calendar offers flexible views by week, month, quarter or year of.

Kellogg - Uses Screendragon to go to market efficiently and cost effectively.

   We're 5 stars on Capterra! Read our customer reviews here.


An MRM software solution done right

Visibility is key to success of any marketing operations. We firmly believe here at Screendragon that the one question a CMO shouldn't have to ask is – who is doing what and when?

Screendragon's MRM solution is fully integrated with our marketing project management software so you get a complete up-to-date helicopter view of who's working on what and when. With drag n' drop it's easy to assign resources to any new campaigns and our heatmap capacity view allows you to effectively forecast resource availability for future projects.

Our MRM software solution gives you the power to effortlessly plan and prioritize work to meet your organization's strategic goals.


See MarketingOS in action

Let one of our technical advisors provide you with a personalised tour of Screendragon.

Brand governance that won't slow you down

Brand governance is part and parcel of the creative process whether we like it or not. The need to stay on-brand or to meet legal requirements can put extra pressure on marketing teams, slowing down the process and forcing them to hit road blocks. This needn't be the case.

Screendragon's custom workflows ensure that creative assets are routed to the right people at the right time for review and approval. There is a complete audit trail of all workflow activities so everyone is on the same page.


of communications are now approved in the first round by Kellogg's thanks to Screendragon's marketing workflow solution

Powerful reporting and budget management

Budgets have to be managed and reporting has to be done. The problem is how to find the time to do them. Spreadsheets are the go-to for a lot of marketing managers; while they do the job, they can be extremely time-consuming and cumbersome.

With Screendragon's budget module, you can easily compare and measure your allocated budget against estimated and actual spend. No sums or equations required. Additionally, our reporting capabilities allow you to quickly run reports on KPIs and see exactly how you are measuring up against targets.


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Why choose Screendragon as your Marketing Project Management System?

  • Designed with creatives in mind: Screendragon is designed for creative professionals. Powerful functionality doesn't have to mean uninspiring software. Screendragon looks and feels good, allowing a fast and smooth adoption. (If you're not sure how to make a business case for marketing project management software, check out this blog)
  • Custom workflows and templates: We don't force you to work with a set of standard templates or within any predefined processes. We want you to work the way you want to. MarketingOS is highly customizable, giving you the flexibility you need.
  • Seamlessly integrated: Projects, processes, people and content all live in one single platform. There is no longer a need to use multiple disconnected platforms to get your work done.
  • Complete visibility: Get up-to-the-minute visual insights on what everyone is working on now and in the future with our portfolio dashboard as well as our capacity heatmap. With Screendragon you get to spot any bottlenecks before they become an issue.
  • Unrivalled expertise: We have been helping leading brands and organizations streamline their marketing operations with our marketing project management software for over ten years. Our customers include some of the most well known Fortune 500 companies including Kellogg's. Be assured that we have the expertise to provide you with the most efficient marketing operations solution for your needs.