Workflow Software to Boost Efficiency

Speed-up delivery, ensure compliance & reduce costs using Screendragon's workflow management software


Powerful Workflows

Screendragon supports a huge variety of workflow requirements. Large complex global organizations use our workflows to speed-up delivery and save millions. Advanced permission levels and a lot more.

Reviews and approvals made simple

Use our smart workflow software to automate your review and approval cycle. Requests, proofing, version control, approval & delivery. Avoid multiple revisions and have a record of approvals.

Speed-up Compliance

Don't let compliance slow you down. Ensure the right people are involved at the right time with Screendragon's smart workflows. Meet compliance checks fast and effectively.

Track and report

Get real-time visual insights on your team's productivity, track budget spend and more. Pull reports to analyze key metrics important to your business. You decide what you want to track and we make it happen.

One single hub

Manage and view all work in one integrated platform, from initiation to execution and completion. Projects, workflows, people and budgets can stay connected with our integrated workflow software.


What our customers have to say:

"We needed a tool that allowed us to be creative and rigorous at the same time. Screendragon were the only people we found that could deliver..."
Nick Vale, Head of Strategy and Product Market Development, Wavemaker
"We were looking for a single platform that would allow us to unite and integrate our people and projects within our new “hyper-bundled” way of working. Thankfully Screendragon has helped to solve that."
Ian Douglas, COO, MullenLowe
"We are using Screendragon to measure our speed-to-market. In the long term, we want to utilise the data in Screendragon to identify process inefficiencies and measure the true cost saving of insourcing."
James Heimers, Manager, CRM Planning and insight, Virgin Atlantic
"We are a big organization, yet Screendragon is enabling us to be a lot more nimble, allowing us to be even better partners to our clients."
Angela Burton, EVP, North American Operations, Geometry Global

Workflows to empower

Workflow software needs to work first and foremost. After that, the focus should turn to the look and feel of the software. Good functionality does not have to mean clunky or cumbersome software. At Screendragon, we place just as much emphasis on the UX of our workflow management software, as we do on our robust functionality. It's time to start getting the best of both worlds.

Compliance done efficiently

Don't let compliance obligations slow you down. Whether you have to meet legal requirements or satisfy brand guidelines, Screendragon's compliance workflows are designed to get you and your team there as efficiently as possible with all the boxes checked. Have a complete audit trail of all activities, for example, see exactly who approved what and when.



of communications are now approved in the first round by Kellogg's thanks to Screendragon's workflow software

Powerful workflow functionality

Screendragon can support all types of workflow requirements, from the simple to the very sophisticated. Large global organizations with complex requirements like the International Olympic Committee rely on Screendragon's powerful workflow functionality.

Our workflow drag and drop builder is used to create smart business rules that speed-up delivery and boost governance. Our advanced permission levels and truly customizable forms are hard to match with any other provider on the market.


Less revisions, quicker approvals

Screendragon streamlines the review and approval process by offering rich media proofing and automated review and approval workflows. Easily collect feedback in one place, ensure version control and manage and track reviews and approvals.

"We've been able to increase our workload by 300% thanks to Screendragon..."

What are your workflow requirements?

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Plan your resources across workflows

Visibility needs to take center stage for any high performing team. This is especially true when it comes to resource planning. Use the Screendragon Capacity View heatmap to easily plan and predict capacity for future projects. Allocate resources quickly with our fully integrated resource management tool.

"We can now capacity plan and better align our resourcing to incoming workload”
Angela Burton - Geometry EVP, North American Operations

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Why choose Screendragon as your workflow system?

  • Easy adoption: Our unique UX is designed for non-technical users enabling fast adoption by all.
  • Custom workflows: Easily implement workflows to facilitate your way of working. Our workflow software doesn't force you to work within predefined parameters.
  • Seamlessly integrated: Workflows, projects, people and content all live in one place. No need to waste time jumping between different tools to get work done.
  • Real-time visibility: Get up-to-the-minute visual insights on project milestones and identify potential bottlenecks before they become an issue.
  • Full reporting: Screendragon provides tracking and analysis of all workflows so you can accurately measure productivity, cost-savings and more at your organization.
  • Unmatched expertise: We live and breath workflows at Screendragon, from the simple to the very complex. Be assured that we can work with you to build the right workflow solution for your team.